We’ve worked in the JD Edwards market place for a long time, and occasionally we scribble down some of our thoughts on developments in the market.
This is where you’ll be able to read our thoughts, ideas and comments on what’s happening in the world of JD Edwards.

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Planning Your Upgrade Part 3 – Building A Business Case

Putting together a business case to support a major JD Edwards E1 system upgrade is challenging – especially when so many elements have the potential to be variables. Find out how Dimension Analyze™ from DWS can help you to put together a business plan for your upgrade…

Planning Your Upgrade Part 2 – Identify Your Mods

Upgrading your heavily modified, old release systems doesn’t have to be the battle you’d expect it to be. DWS's award winning Dimension Analyze™ software-based service can help make your JDE E1 upgrade more manageable and cost-effective...

Planning Your Upgrade Part 1 – The Vicious Circle

We want to start you thinking about your attitudes to upgrading and how changing those could help benefit your business in the long-term. When the gap between the customer’s current release level and the target release level spans many interim JDE E1 software releases, there is significant extra effort required to upgrade, resulting in a vicious circle...

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