JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 

Why Upgrade?

Customers upgrade for many reasons: to improve productivity, streamline business processes, take advantage of new functionality, introduce better mobility to the workforce and eliminate the risk that comes from relying upon an unsupported software release.

Have you ever delayed a major upgrade because you’re worried about the impact on your business, or because you cannot accurately identify the full extent of your modified footprint? You are not alone.

Delaying an upgrade can result in the very issues you hope to avoid. The longer you wait between upgrades, the greater the “net change” and the more cost and effort are likely to be involved.

DWS’ portfolio of upgrade services helps customers navigate their way through the challenges of a typical upgrade. We can work as a dedicated upgrade resource, leaving your team to focus on your live system, or alongside your in-house team, to provide vital additional expertise or capacity to meet deadlines.

With Oracle’s move to a Continuous Delivery strategy for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, it is more important than ever that customers look to upgrade to release 9.2. Not only will this enable you to take advantage of new functionality and processes, but also to remain code-current.

Talk to us and you’ll discover a top class team with the extensive, real world expertise that delivers an objective perspective. We can work as a dedicated upgrade team, leaving your team to focus on your live system, or we can work alongside your in-house team, to train them or add vital additional capacity to meet deadlines.

Ready To Start Your Upgrade Journey?

If you’re planning an upgrade or code-current retrofit project, we’re offering a free initial Dimension Analyze audit to provide a high-level overview of your modified footprint.

Dimension Analyze is a software-led service that enables customers to audit and estimate their EnterpriseOne upgrades to a level of accuracy previously unseen. The service, leveraging our proprietary tools, was first introduced in 2007 to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers and has now been used by 150+ customers Worldwide. Today, it is the leading Audit & Scoping service in the JD Edwards market place.

Analyze In Detail

Dimension Analyze compares your production environment with a pristine environment and the new ESU to establish the most accurate view of your modified footprint.

Having established and accurate modified footprint, we then analyse every object, every line of code and every user setting/specification; down to a pixel movement level of detail.

This granular level of analysis enables us to identify decommissioning opportunities across your JDE E1 instance and can help reduce your modified footprint by up to 75%.

Customers can identify any anomalies from the outset; enabling them to plan project resources and timescales with confidence and avoid any nasty surprises during upgrade.

We audit your EnterpriseOne system to…

  • Track, capture and categorize the net change type and severity of impact on every modified E1 object
  • Grade every net change that has occurred between the from and to releases
  • Estimate the effort required to uplift your modified code to the target release

This enables us uniquely to fix the price and timescale for your upgrade project; delivering an immediate return on your investment.

Dimension Analyze Comprises:

Dimension Extract

Our complimentary Dimension Extract will give you a high level view of your modified footprint, which you can then cross-check against your own understanding of your E1 system.

The Dimension Extract executable is sent to your E1 technical staff and the program identifies where all the modifications are located by interrogating both the Pristine and Production environments; looking for the precise net change.

Based on the extract results, we provide the Preliminary Audit Report & Quotation at no cost. This contains our initial findings and a quote (fixed price) for our Dimension Analyze service.

Dimension Audit

The Dimension Audit service profiles all modifications & extensions made to your EnterpriseOne system and identifies a list of objects for ‘exclusion’. This exclusion list comprises those objects that the Audit suggests should not be taken up to the target release, along with a reason code.

Dimension Estimate

Using the data surfaced during the audit phase, we produce a comprehensive report of our findings; including a detailed, object-by-object estimate. Dimension Analyze is unique in the JDE marketplace; no other service can drill down to the level of detail and understanding of a customer’s modified environment to produce such an accurate upgrade estimate.

Dimension Professional is a suite of tools that allow DWS to fully manage and fix the price and timescale of the modifications uplift component of an EnterpriseOne upgrade. Utilizing a best-upgrade approach, the Dimension Professional toolkit also enables DWS to deliver the lowest defect levels in the industry.

Dimension Professional

With the emergence of cloud infrastructure; discussions on support types and migration paths are a critical consideration within your development planning.

One of the biggest challenges associated with an upgrade is the uplifting or retrofitting of custom items. DWS offers a range of proprietary software and services, designed to help customers negotiate these technical retrofit challenges.

Our expertise in delivering solutions for on-premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructure environments worldwide means we’re well placed to support your no matter where you are on your migration path.

This enables us to:

  • Establish fixed price & fixed timescale upgrades
  • Access role-based tools for Project Managers, Developers and QA’s
  • View the exact location of all your EnterpriseOne changes
  • Automatically scan your system for known E1 upgrade issues
  • Accurately determine inter dependencies between all E1 objects
  • View “from” and “to” releases concurrently; resulting in a faster, more accurate upgrade
  • View Dimension Net Change™ data to fully understand the impact of any upgrade
  • Significantly increases developer productivity and “right first time” ratio

“Thanks for the support of DWS and the excellent work from the team on the retrofit. No dev-related bugs reported along the project, which is a great testimony of your expertise.”

Jeremy Leray – IT Solutions Director, Pernod Ricard, Global Travel Retail
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