DWS’ thoughts on UKOUG Together 2021

By Patrick Neary

It was great to be at an in-person event in London with the UKOUG on the last two days of November. The Oval was a great venue. The agenda was broad. Session content was good. The attendance was better than I expected. And most important of all, we were able to properly engage with customers, prospects and partners for the first time in a long time.  It really did confirm for me the value and richness of human contact. We have achieved a lot using video conferencing since March 2020, but I wonder how much more we might have achieved.

Together 2021 was the first time I attended an event where DWS was exhibiting and promoting our Dimension SwifTest for Cloud Applications offering. It was exciting and interesting for us to speak to, and to get to know, folks within the Oracle Cloud Applications (OCA) community. Establishing ourselves within the OCA community is a top priority for DWS, but we are not forgetting our roots and enjoyed seeing and catching up with contacts from within the Oracle JDE community.

SwifTest is a test scripting and automation product that allows companies to cost effectively and efficiently satisfy their functional/regression testing requirements. So, I was very interested to attend the sessions where Oracle, its partners or customers were talking about OCA quarterly updates.

It was great to see just about everyone acknowledging that you need to do a lot of testing during every project, even though Oracle is doing tons of testing, and even though new functionality is not automatically turned on when it is deployed to production.

Most companies, whether we are talking about companies using and looking after OCA themselves or companies providing testing services, addressed the short two-week window companies have to test during their quarterly update cycles. Everyone described broadly similar approaches, but most did not get into the detail – particularly when it came to the technologies they are using to script and automate. That was a shame because, as most of us know, “the devil is in the detail”.

If you want to get into test scripting and automation details, or if you are not happy with the technologies you are relying on today, talk to DWS. We would love to show you SwifTest and explain how it is different and can ease the burden of functional/regression testing.

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