OATUG Ascend – Elevating Insights for the Oracle Community

OATUG Ascend 2021

by Rachel Fraser

15th – 18th August, 2021

Oracle users and experts had an exciting few days in Florida with more than 200 educational sessions for Ascend 2021. Led by two of the most vibrant Oracle users groups, OATUG and OHUG, Ascend 2021 showcased expert-led education to highlight best practices, uncover innovative insights, and facilitate networking opportunities.

So how did it stack-up? Well after the year we have all experienced, everyone was very happy to be meeting in-person. Even the virtual conference attendees were excited to engage. Networking is a very important part of any conference and this was no exception. From the on-site networking drinks, the Attendee Appreciation event and visitors to the on-site and virtual booths, it was really great to interact and share ideas.

During the conference sessions, one topic which was of interest to us at DWS was how an Oracle SaaS multi-cloud strategy can be a realistic proposition for many organizations. For some customers an Oracle Cloud Application strategy might include other Oracle technologies running on premise or with integrations to other non-Cloud applications. During Ascend, Oracle stated that they are actively working with customers that work in multi-vendor cloud architectures to give customers the benefits of a hybrid world. The benefits of a Cloud Application strategy bringing digital transformation, application modernization and standardization are well known but users still need to manage the updates delivered by Oracle every quarter.

In our Turbo Talk, ‘Test Automation for Cloud Apps – Ease the Burden of Functional Testing’ Tyler Price illustrated how you can ease the burden of functional testing, without involving technical resources.  Our testing tool can help organizations involved in any update save up to 70% of time spent in creating and maintaining test scripts and 60% of time spent in test execution, freeing up time and valuable technical resources.

During the conference we talked to many customers who still overlook testing, as priority is given to the roll-out of an update without any thought as to the impact it might have on downstream processes. Testing can also be seen as complex, expensive and time-consuming.  That is where DWS can help. If you want to understand how we have helped our customers ease the burden of functional testing, read our eBook.

We really enjoyed our time at Ascend 2021 and hope to see everyone in person or virtually next year!

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