Using Postman to interface with the Dimension SwifTest OpenAPI

by Riyaan Williams

In this day and age, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are not just for developers, but are something being used by businesses and non-developers alike.

The Dimension SwifTest OpenAPI is a REST API that Customers can consume, essentially ‘opening’ up SwifTest to external systems by allowing inbound HTTP requests. Without this, integration to SwifTest would be a challenging (if not impossible) feat.

Using the OpenAPI, Customers can integrate features into their own applications to augment testing or execute these features as part of their business process workflow.

This can be done in the following ways:

1) By using the traditional direct integration solution. This will likely require a full development life cycle, but the business processes and workflows can be fully customized to suit the business requirement.

2) By using a “low-code” solution, such as Postman. This is more suited towards “non-developers” and should be favoured when a shorter time to release is needed, customization is not a prerequisite and reusability is more important.

This blog will demonstrate how to get started using Postman to interact with a Repository Datastore via the Internet.

Possible use cases

  • A dataset (csv, database, etc) exists and a way is needed to programmatically create multiple repositories for each subset of the dataset.
  • An alternative and/or minimilast method of interfacing with a Repository Datastore, other than the Dimension SwifTest application.


  • Valid credentials and an active OpenAPI subscription.
  • Postman version 8 or later.
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