Realizing Continuous Innovation to Deliver Consistent Value

Realizing Continuous Innovation to Deliver Consistent Value for Oracle JD Edwards customers

William Wright

In today’s business environment, we have recently seen a sort of paradigm shift in how organizations upgrade their ERP software. Gone are the major platform upgrade projects that were complex, costly in terms of both time and money, not to mention the disruption to everyday business.

While it was a necessity to periodically upgrade the software say every 3-5 years, ERP software makers such as Oracle JD Edwards quickly realized a change was due in how software updates were delivered. The future for Oracle JD Edwards’ success and that of their client base was to provide smaller, more frequent updates that allow customers to gain rapid access to new features and functionality, without costly and time-consuming projects. Thus “Continuous Delivery” was born!

The good news for Oracle JD Edwards customers running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 is that Oracle will continue to support and deliver valued updates via Enhanced Service Units (ESU’s) regularly and the customer has control over which updates they take and when. With each and every change event project, customers can innovate, mitigate risk and provide increased value to their businesses.

However, in order to truly take advantage of continuous delivery, the onus is on the customer to take updates regularly. The simple formula: Continuous Delivery + Continuous Adoption + Continuous Innovation = Continuous Value is what Oracle is envisioning for the JDE landscape. In fact, in an April 21, 2021 presentation entitled: “The Cumulative Value of JD Edwards 9.2 Applications”, Keith Sholes of JD Edwards Product Management wrote: “The value of an ERP is heavily dependent on the business/users perceived value of their existing solution. Perceived value increases with the adoption of new capabilities and innovation”.

As organizations move towards truly embracing continuous innovation, it’s a good idea to think about developing a process driven approach that reduces risk and business disruption while delivering accelerated value to the business. Here at DWS we talk about running smaller, faster and smarter projects to accomplish just that.

Check out our recent eBook on Continuous Innovation and discover how to make the most of Oracle’s strategy of continuous delivery for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or contact us for more information.

Whether you are looking at a one-off change event project or committing to an annual cadence of code-current change events, DWS has the expertise and resources to help you innovate and realize incremental value from your JDE 1 investment.

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