Test Planning

For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Test Only What Needs To Be Tested

At DWS, we believe there is a smarter way to test; one that starts with pinpointing and testing only those objects that are affected by a change event.  A change event might be a single electronic software update (ESU), a bundle of ESUs or an application update.

Dimension Focus™ is the first product available to JD Edwards customers that will analyze your entire EnterpriseOne system to identify exactly which objects are impacted by the proposed change and how significantly they are affected. This insight not only helps you understand the business impact of the proposed change, but can also be used to inform your test planning and management, so you only test what needs testing.

Using Dimension Focus you can minimize wasted effort by identifying what does NOT need to be tested. Benchmarks have indicated you could save up to 85% on your testing effort and costs by using Dimension Focus™.

Dimension Focus is a software application that analyses the ESU (Electronic Software Update) code changes down to the event and function level. The software leverages bespoke dependencies logic to find the top level standard and custom objects that the ESUs affect.

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JD Edwards Test Planning, Made Easy

Test Planning

Analyze before you start testing

This datasheet explains how Dimension Focus™ supports code changes down to the event and function level, thus identifying top-level standard and custom objects that the ESUs affect.

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Unique Features

Dimension Focus builds on the spirit of innovation that led DWS to create its unique Dimension Analyze™ service. Dimension Focus™ takes impact analysis to new levels of insight:

  • It analyzes the impact on standard, copied and custom objects
  • It grades the impact for each object by analysing the dependencies at the event level and figures out the scale of the impact that applying the ESUs has had on each top level object
  • It creates a testing “heat map” to show the level at which the applications are affected by the change event
  • It enables users to plan for those applications which require the most testing and, as importantly, those applications that are not affected, so require minimal testing

Dimension Focus Dashboard

The Dimension Focus Dashboard allows you to view the overall impact on your EnterpriseOne estate. From it, you can:

  • See the different change event projects that may necessitate testing
  • View a breakdown between interactive and batch master parent applications
  • Clearly establish which objects do, and do not, require testing
  • Click to interrogate displayed information for further detail
test planning

Testing Heat Map

Use the Testing Heat Map to help plan your testing effort in a way that has not been possible until now. A change event, such as an Update or Feature Pack install, can be analyzed down to the individual event/function level, providing smarter analytics for your testing team.

  • Assign objects, or groups of objects, to roles or specific users for testing
  • Utilize the traffic light scoring system to quickly determine objects with the greatest level of change
  • Drill down into each object to see the exact nature of testing impact via the ‘Linker’ app
test planning

Generating SwifTest Tests

Have Dimension Focus kick start your testing by auto-creating scripts in SwifTest – saving you more time.

test planning
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