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Enterprise applications enable operations, serve as a system of record, and are a single source of the truth. These applications need to be rich in features and functions, robust, responsive to business need, and perhaps most importantly need to be well tested. They must always be fit for purpose and testing needs to be managed against a backdrop of continually evolving requirements and changing software.

No matter what your testing requirements or needs, DWS has the solution and is here to help.

DWS has a long-standing reputation for delivering market-leading services and software. We have built strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients by building a detailed understanding of their specific requirements and consistently delivering high quality, on-time and within-budget solutions.

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The enterprise testing requirements of organizations are a function of their entire enterprise application landscape and the frequency with which applications in that landscape are changing. Many organizations do not have the bandwidth, desire, or expertise to do all their own testing. When companies are looking for help with testing DWS, as part of LogiGear, can step in and provide testing services to meet their specific needs.

What our customers say:

We are now able to run automated tests on every check-in, nightly and every weekend. The automated tests cover in 24 hours what used to take us several weeks to run manually.

Chris Dunn, VP of Engineering.

We have a large team of testing professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. It doesn’t matter what you want to test (e.g. ERP, CRM, HCM, Integrations, Custom Web apps, Custom Games etc.), nor does it matter which testing tools or technologies you would like to employ, we would like to discuss how we can help you meet your specific testing requirements.

Quality assurance is at the heart of everything we do


Enterprise Application Testing
Success Stories

QA Strategy Consulting

Our Quality Assurance Consultants can perform an assessment, looking across your enterprise applications landscape, to create a roadmap that will ensure quality as you maintain, evolve and enhance your systems. With a strategic roadmap that incorporates and explicitly addresses quality assurance, your organization will more confidently pursue initiatives to digitally transform your operations. Through this work, we will assist with integrating test engineering and automated testing technologies. Following on from the strategic roadmap, we can help you plan and execute.

quality assurance testing by DWS

Offshore and Onshore QA

When it comes to test execution and delivery, so much depends on your needs. You may require manual testing resources, resources that are intimately familiar with a particular testing tool, or resources that know and understand (or that can quickly learn) a system that needs to be tested. Alternatively, you may just want someone to come in and take the testing problem away from you. Whatever you require, we have resources Onshore and Offshore, that will deliver an unparalleled experience and well-tested quality solutions.

Onshore offshore testing by DWS

QA Training

Our corporate training program helps organizations equip their testers with the relevant concepts, strategies, test methods and skills needed to effectively test increasingly complex software applications. Blending our training classes with your internal process creates an optimal body of testing knowledge that enables development, implementation and maintenance to create and deliver a culture of Software Testing excellence.

quality assurance testing training by DWS

Test Automation

Our Test Automation Experts are well-versed in a variety of Test Automation tools, from our own suite of testing products to LogiGear’s flagship TestArchitect Low-Code Test Automation tool, to many open source and 3rd-party tools including Selenium, HP UFT, Quick Test Pro, Ranorex, and more. We have a test authoring approach that allows teams to test any leading enterprise applications.

test automation by DWS

DevOps Consulting

An optimal DevOps strategy enables a quick and efficient development and deployment process that includes testing. All naturally using optimum methodologies and tools, chosen specifically for your business, with quality, maintenance, support and continuous innovation in mind.

Devops consulting by DWS

World leading application testing services

Telecommunications use cases for world leading application testing services


Replace high-cost, onshore manual testing programs with an automated testing program featuring offshore testing resources.

Results: Successful implementation of 4,000 automated test cases and an increase of test coverage to over 90%.

Solution: TestArchitect

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Oil and Gas exploration use cases for world leading application testing services

Oil & Gas Exploration

Increase test coverage and efficiency through automation of GUI testing and augmentation of in-house test resources.

Results: 84% decrease in beta defects & 97% fewer known issues at product shipment.

Solution: TestArchitect, QA training & consultancy, software testing services.

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Information and Technology use cases for world leading application testing services

Information Technology

Design and delivery of a global testing solution for integrated test design, automation and management.

Results: 70% reduction in time spent on test execution, future-proof process with 100% test automation.

Solution: TestArchitect

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“LogiGear’s Global Test Automation solution simply blew away our expectations of what could be achieved with automated testing. We’ve gone from struggling with traditional test automation tools to having a coordinated testing effort between three countries across two continents that is producing 100% test automation.”

Tony Hinojosa, Director of Engineering, Hewlett-Packard

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