Load Testing

For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Take The Stress Out Of Stress Testing

Dimension LoadTest enables users to simulate load from a wide range of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne supported applications. Virtual agents can be spun up to simulate workloads from on-premises or cloud-based applications; allowing users to go live with confidence and providing a greater level of quality assurance and risk management. This is achieved by:

  • Working natively with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Utilizing a very small footprint which can be installed in minutes
  • Simulating large numbers of virtual users, with variable profiles
  • Supporting cloud-based workloads, anywhere in the world
  • Featuring easy-to-use “no-code” script building functionality
  • Replicating a wide range of end-to-end business processes
  • Employing a flexible SaaS model, based on virtual user days
  • Providing in-depth analytics at the test-script “Action” level

Dimension LoadTest is a powerful yet easy to use testing tool for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. It can be installed in minutes, simulates large numbers of virtual users and GUI actions and lets you monitor performance in real-time.

Load Testing Best Practice

When dealing with ERP and other business-critical software applications, a lot of time and effort is spent on functional testing to ensure that systems perform as expected; that a given input results in a given output. However, functional testing (i.e. unit, system and integration testing) alone is not enough to test the resilience and predictability of your system. Simply running a sequence of functional tests is not an accurate reflection of the real-world demands that are likely to be placed upon your systems.

During exceptionally busy periods, systems do not always perform as expected. That’s why stress testing or load testing your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system is so important.

Best practice dictates testing should be a process, not simply an activity. Dimension LoadTest can be used throughout your software development lifecycle and is particularly powerful when enterprise applications are being updated, extended or enhanced.

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How Dimension LoadTest Can Support You

  • Implementing major platform changes involving your operating systems or databases
  • Applying hardware changes, swaps and additions within your JD Edwards ecosystem
  • Simulating user load on specific JD Edwards applications to aid troubleshooting
  • Performing benchmark testing on JD Edwards workloads migrated to cloud infrastructure
  • Validating disaster recovery and business continuity planning; simulating load on restored systems to ensure optimal performance before switch-over
  • Assisting with user community growth; simulating the user load expected from on-boarding new subsidiaries to your existing JD Edwards system
  • Benchmark testing satellite offices; aiding performance-related troubleshooting and the delivery of a consistent level of service to key stakeholders

Simulating And Executing
Load Tests

  1. Load Tests – Enables experienced systems adminstrators and CNCs to define the different loads as required
  2. Agents – Agents can execute any combination of work across your environments, testing different functional areas concurrently
  3. Repeatable – Tasks can be run and repeated at any time, allowing you to benchmark and improve
  4. Test Queues – Business analysts and super users create tests queues to define what work is being performed by the virtual users
  5. Insights – Status updates can be accessed via an intuitive user interface while tests are being executed, delivering powerful insights
DWS Dimension LoadTest

Dimension LoadTest was designed to enable any experienced System Administrator/CNC to scope, schedule, action and monitor load tests. It provides users with the type and size of load they need, where they need it. Agents can be rapidly spun up on physical or virtual machines to test internal load, as well as in multiple locations around the world to test external load.

Users can define specific load to run over specific functional areas, such as time entry or purchase order requisition, or combine functional areas within a single load test for the ultimate ‘peak time’ test. One of the core benefits of Dimension LoadTest is that it automates and standardizes load; creating identical test conditions, every time

Get Testing Quicker

Unlike other load testing tools, Dimension LoadTest allows users to utilize their functional testing assets. Pulling in data directly from Dimension SwifTest™, it’s easy to create test queues that can run on separate agents. Testing different functional areas concurrently, without the need for tedious setup, ensures users can get testing quicker.

Test scenarios may contain multiple agents, each handling a number of virtual users, each with their own functional processes, that can be set to run as many instances as required. This allows virtual agents to individually be sped up or slowed down, allowing users to test actions, duration’s and user-specific variables. (E.g. it’s possible to reflect the (slower) behaviour of new starters or the behaviour of experienced users that interact differently with systems).

The result is a more realistic and accurate load test. Users can introduce real-world workflows and test a wide spectrum of scenarios. From ‘the worst day ever’ to specific business-critical processes, Dimension LoadTest provides a platform for fast, accurate and repeatable testing that doesn’t rely on large groups of people or manual tasks.

Dimension LoadTest

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Any change event has the potential to have a negative impact on operations. We test to identify potential points of failure and to mitigate risk. Once functional testing is complete, load testing should be included as part of the quality assurance process after each regular patching action applied to your E1 infrastructure.

Dimension LoadTest allows users to iteratively refine their tests before executing them fully. Once the scenario is set up as required, users can test, set a baseline, adjust the settings and test again. Once the main load test is executed, users benefit from access to real-time analytics, detailing the status of the load test. Test runs are logged and can be stored or downloaded for further analysis.

Unlike other load testing tools, Dimension LoadTest allows analysts to drill-down into the test data to examine individual actions. Data can be downloaded and manipulated to identify bottlenecks; it can also be used with third party database, network, and CPU monitoring products to monitor the effect(s) of the load in real-time, allowing you to identify individual points of potential failure.

Our extensive knowledge of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment has also allowed us the ability to build in additional functionality, providing JDE-specific insights such as: Identifying how long it took for your users to login to JDE, or the longest time frame for a page to process following a user pressing the ‘OK’ button. This can then be combined with or separated out from your wider test analysis.

Dimension LoadTest

“We would not have gone live on EnterpriseOne 9.2 (migrating from World Software) with the level of confidence that we had without using Dimension LoadTest.”
Kevin Criswell, Application Services Manager, MYR Group Inc.

Exploring Loadtest

Watch our video to see how LoadTest works.

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