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Dimension SwifTest™ significantly reduces the time and effort associated with functional testing for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps. It is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers. Using Dimension SwifTest, business analysts and super-users can now take ownership of test automation.

Unique Features Of Dimension SwifTest

  • Uses unique scanning technology to automate the generation of test scripts for all test scenarios
  • Test scenarios are quickly and easily updated and edited, unlike with traditional record and play functionality
  • Tracks the status of tests and their results
  • Provides clear reporting on test results, expediting project sign-off
  • Pinpoints all test failures with user-friendly information, so testers have everything they need to correct the issue
  • Enables drill-down for more detailed analysis of test results

Save up to 60% of time spent during test execution

How should you spend your trial?

As you familiarise yourself with the system, here is a checklist of activities that you can complete in your 30-day free trial, to help you cover all the essentials:

  • Create basic test scripts in a functional area you are familiar with, in a test environment where data isn’t critical.
  • Understand the basic actions a user may take, with the help of SwifTest, to replicate a user creating transactions, running batch processes, and creating simple queues.
  • Add repository and runtime datastore use to your SwifTest tests and queues.
  • Execute your basic tests and evaluate the results.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Dimension Hub in terms of Admin, Helpdesk Support, Software Updates and how to view your Dashboard and test history.
  • Access the iLearn DWS Training Academy and complete the online training curriculum. Learn about Projects, Scenarios, Tests, Queues, Scheduler and Pods.

“Our code-current strategy is driven by release management. With our partner, DWS, we are able to extensively automate testing, which is helping with release management a lot. For example, migration to 9.2.4 for six countries took just 4 months with the use of Dimension SwifTest.”

Marcin Kurkowski, Global Head of Data Centre Excellence – Pernod-Ricard

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