Oracle Test Automation with Dimension SwifTest™

Dimension SwifTest is an Oracle test automation tool designed with the non-technical user in mind. If you use Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps regularly in your day job, you will be able to use SwifTest with ease; with no need to get involved with any technical scripting tools.

Streamline Oracle Test Automation

  • Designed specifically for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications
  • Save up to 60% of time spent during test execution
  • Save up to 70% of time spent creating and maintaining test scripts
  • Quickly build your own catalogs of test scripts and scenarios
  • Perform projects testing, leveraging those catalogs
  • Detailed reporting helps expedite project sign-off
  • Reduce the burden of your 90-day patching cycle

Dimension SwifTest™ significantly reduces the time and effort associated with Oracle test automation in Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps

“Our code-current strategy is driven by release management. With our partner, DWS, we are able to extensively automate testing, which is helping with release management a lot. For example, migration to 9.2.4 for six countries took just 4 months with the use of Dimension SwifTest.”

Marcin Kurkowski, Global Head of Data Centre Excellence – Pernod-Ricard

What is Oracle Test Automation and How Does it Relate to Dimension SwifTest?

Oracle test automation refers to the process of using software tools and technologies to automate repetitive, time-consuming testing tasks for Oracle applications. By automating these tasks, businesses can achieve faster, more accurate, and more efficient testing while freeing up resources to focus on other essential activities.

Dimension SwifTest is a test automation solution specifically designed for Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps. It simplifies the testing process, allowing business analysts and super-users to take ownership of test automation without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers. With its user-friendly interface and unique features, Dimension SwifTest enables businesses to run smaller, faster, and smarter projects, significantly reducing the time and effort associated with functional testing for Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps.


OCA Lifecycle datasheet

The Oracle Cloud Applications lifecycle is defined by implementations, updates, and recurring projects. We break down these different components and show you how to improve your projects by automating and testing smarter in our OCA Lifecycle datasheet.

Download Datasheet


Your New Favourite Oracle Test Automation Tool

Discover just how easy it is to use Dimension SwifTest and transform your oracle test automation today with a free 30-day trial! There is no obligation to continue, either – so you can decide if SwifTest is as powerful as we say it is.

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Unique Features Of Dimension SwifTest For Oracle Test Automation

  • Uses unique scanning technology to automate the generation of test scripts for all test scenarios
  • Test scenarios are quickly and easily updated and edited, unlike with traditional record and play functionality
  • Tracks the status of tests and their results
  • Provides clear reporting on test results, expediting project sign-off
  • Pinpoints all test failures with user-friendly information, so testers have everything they need to correct the issue
  • Enables drill-down for more detailed analysis of test results

Test Your System, Not Your Patience

Dimension SwifTest Dashboard

The SwifTest Dashboard is available from the Hub. The Test Manager or Lead Tester can use the dashboard as a one-stop overview of the testing activity being carried out. They can view progress and results at the Project and Scenario levels and can click to drill down to see further detail related to specific tests.

As the number of Projects and Test Scripts grow, this will be a regular place to visit to quickly get that overall view on your team’s progress.

Dimension SwifTest

Creating Test Scripts Is Easy With SwifTest

When we talk to prospective customers about automating the testing that they do day-to-day or when managing an update, many express concerns about the amount of effort required to create all the scripts needed to reflect the way they have implemented and use Oracle Cloud Applications.

In answer to this, DWS developed SwifStart scripts to help customers kick-start the creation of their own base catalog.

Dimension SwifTest

Exploring SwifTest for Oracle Test Automation


Watch our video to see how SwifTest works.


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