SwifTest 22.1 – the first release for 2022

By Lee Balsom

Sometimes the nature of software development means results can be a little later than originally planned (I think we’ve all been there at some stage). However, DWS prides itself on quality, and quality cannot be compromised. Therefore, we are now proud to announce the first release of Dimension SwifTest for 2022 – 22.1.

Our ability to be flexible enough to alter our release cadence when needed is one of the strengths of our process, and it reflects one of the core values of DWS’s Product Development team – the continual delivery of class-leading test automation software for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1) and Oracle Cloud Apps (OCA).

Quality is what drives us. Quality and an urge to look forward and to spot opportunities where DWS and SwifTest can automate testing in other ERP/products (that’s a “watch this space” if ever I wrote one!). And of course, customer satisfaction is paramount. The systems in place at DWS ensure quality, vision, and customer satisfaction remain foremost in our collective mind.

Anyway, back to 22.1 and what’s so great about it…

This release saw us complete some fundamental underlying changes to the SwifTest ‘engine’ that will act as the building blocks for what I’ll call “bigger and better”.

You’ll notice a new unified signing-in experience, for starters, in all the DWS products, including the Hub and on LoadTest.  This new approach/new security server satisfies modern security requirements and opens the door for DWS to include further advances for our clients, such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Single-Sign-On, SAML etc., should it be needed.

Performance improvements have made SwifTest significantly faster, giving a more satisfying user experience.

We have expanded our integrations with the JDE E1 Orchestrator by introducing a new “Run Orchestration (JSON)” action, allowing you to execute Orchestrations requiring any number of input parameters and returning any number of output rows, including arrays and multi-level records. This also allows you to execute orchestrations with assertions.

Other new actions allow you to perform “regular expressions” on extracted values from the datastore, or extract a specific value from within a JSON string. These slightly more technical actions provide more functionality to the technical users in our community, while our functional testing users continue to get the best from SwifTest’s easy-to-use actions to control E1 and OCA.

As usual, an assortment of small corrections and enhancements suggested from you, our user community, have also been included in the SwifTest 22.1 release – the Release Notes explain all.

Dimension SwifTest for Oracle Cloud Apps (DS4CA) has received its own unique set of enhancements in this release. With Oracle constantly improving and changing their own product, this can prove a challenge as SwifTest needs to respond to their changing UI and webpage content, but our feedback process, great client and partner relationships, and internal processes mean that these issues can be responded to quickly and effectively.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this release and embrace the exciting future it sets up. We are always keen to receive your feedback and suggestions for improvements, so please do keep ‘em coming!

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