DWS Dimension SwifTest Makes Testing More Fun For MRCE

We often talk about the “pain” of functional testing for JD Edwards software updates – a process which often takes time and effort to plan, execute and then document – because of the repetitive and often “fiddly” nature of the task. But what if you could reduce the burden and make testing more fun?

Our partner Quistor has just released a new case study exploring how their customer Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) takes a different approach to make testing faster and more fun!

MRCE is one of the largest integrated global companies involved in global metro, short and long-distance traffic projects, as well as international railway logistics. The company has been using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne since 2010 and recently upgraded to JDE 9.2. Alongside the upgrade, MRCE took the opportunity to improve their approach to testing, selecting DWS Dimension SwifTest to enhance testing efficiency while also improving process documentation.

Case Study: DWS Dimension Swiftest Makes Testing More Fun For MRCE

Adopting Dimension SwifTest to carry out functional tests in JD Edwards has allowed MRCE users to focus on the results of tests, rather than on setting up the test scripts, and means they can run the same tests repeatedly to test any future changes, another data set or new functionality.

“In all these examples and many others, having testing automated via SwifTest gives you a great benefit as you can repeat the tests easily anytime needed, with minimum additional effort.”

Download the full case study here

You can read the original case study on the Quistor blog here:

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