Dimension SwifTest release v1.1.5.0 is now available

Testing is an integral part of any JD Edwards EnterpriseOne change event project. More than just a “necessary evil” the test phase of any project is a fundamental quality assurance process. Identifying and eliminating process errors before they make it through to production will save time, money and effort in the long-run.

The bigger the change event project, the more testing is required. The ability to automate some, or all, of the functional testing elements of any project will help reduce the resource burden of script creation and execution. Plus, it can eliminate the risk of input error during a manual, run and repeat process.

DWS introduced Dimension SwifTest™ in 2016. Since then, it has rapidly become one of the leading test automation solutions for JDE E1. Savings of up to 60% can be realized during test execution; with further savings of 70% achievable during the creation and maintenance of test scripts.

DWS Dimension SwifTest v1.1.5.0, released on 12th February 2018, introduces a range of new features.

  • Repeater – feedback from users suggested a simple repeat feature would help save even more time. Users can now run tests that cycle through repository datastore rows; enabling tests to be driven by soft-coded data.
  • Datastore – the runtime datastore is used to collect data from E1 during the execution of a test. This data can then be used in a later test stage, or by other tests within the same scenario. Enhancements include a new “manually set value” action and greater functionality within the “store from value” and “store grid value” actions.

Further speed enhancements have been made throughout the product and it now supports both dropdown/combo boxes inside grid cells and supports pure custom E1 pages.


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About Dimension SwifTest™

Dimension SwifTest™ has been designed specifically for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers. Business Analysts and Super-Users can now build their own test scripts and scenarios quickly and easily using Dimension SwifTest.


Test Your System, Not Your Patience

Dimension SwifTest™ was built from the ground up with native integration to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne a core objective. It utilizes unique scanning technology to automate the generation of test scripts for every scenario. Test scripts and scenarios are easy to edit by any user. Unlike traditional play and record products, SwifTest doesn’t require the whole sequence to be re-run every time a change is required.

Reporting of test results is simple, yet comprehensive. Any test failures are pinpointed with user-friendly information detailing the reasons for failure and users can drill down into every test result for more detailed analysis.