DWS is going places with JD Edwards

by Pat Neary

Last week we attended the Modern Business Experience event, presented by Oracle in Las Vegas. As I made my way there, I was thinking about the sessions I would attend, the companies I wanted to meet, and how this signified the beginning of a busy time for Oracle JD Edwards events around the world.

March and April are exciting months for anyone in the Oracle JD Edwards community and that includes DWS. After a year’s hiatus, the DXC Red Rock Oracle Leadership Forum is taking place at the ICC in Sydney on April 2nd. Two of my colleagues, Barry Burke and Lee Balsom, will be attending before travelling on to San Antonio, Texas for the Collaborate19 event.

Collaborate is always a landmark event for the JDE community and this year promises to be a great one for DWS. The event has moved to a new home at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio and we’re going all-out this year, we are co-presenting at three speaker sessions, we have our largest ever stand presence and we’re running an exclusive workshop on Test Innovation.

One of the great things about Collaborate is that it affords us the opportunity to meet and talk with a mix of both companies committed to JDE EnterpriseOne and the systems integration and service provider community that support them. In the past three years we’ve introduced a number of unique products; designed specifically for JDE EnterpriseOne customers. Our Dimension portfolio of products and services have been used by hundreds of organizations seeking to transform the way they work and run smaller, faster, smarter E1 projects.

Innovation is a common theme running through Oracle events this year. Steve Daheb (Senior VP Oracle Cloud) is delivering the Oracle keynote at Collaborate19. He will be focusing on how Oracle can support customers in their journey to the cloud, no matter what their migration path. There will five of us representing DWS at Collaborate19 this year (I will be making that trip too!) and we are really looking forward to meeting and chatting to companies committed to JD Edwards (JDE) and the systems integrators that serve those companies. We should be pretty easy to find – we have a double stand and will be unveiling a new backdrop so please look for us.

At the Modern Business Experience event I was interested to see how Oracle is positioning itself and how it proposes to look after its Oracle Cloud Applications customers. Organizations that are buying into Cloud Apps get regular quarterly code updates pushed out automatically. This interests me greatly because they do not really have a choice but to stay code-current.

So, what does code-current on Cloud Apps look like and feel like? Are these companies running proper projects and testing every quarter? If not, how much risk is involved? We all know that no software is ever delivered bug-free. We also know that custom configurations can introduce additional problems.

I’m particularly interested in comparing the world of Oracle Cloud Apps with the world of Oracle JDE E1. In the JDE E1 space we have more choice and control when it comes to taking updates (ESUs). However, any time we run a code-current change event project, there is a lot more to do. Testing plays a major part of every project.

I am looking forward to a busy few weeks. If you can catch me for a chat whilst I am on my travels, please do. I’d love to hear about your plans and to understand how you are modernizing your businesses with JDE E1.

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