Announcing New Features In Dimension SwifTest

Similar Actions / Search and Replace

The DWS Dimension SwifTest application gives you a powerful set of tools to automate and monitor test scripts against Oracle JD Edwards or Fusion Cloud Applications. Over time your test script library will grow, but also systems and requirements change, and as they do so will the need to makes changes to your existing scripts. For example, when you have a series of tests that all contain the same action and changes need to be made to that action across all, or some of, the tests. This feature may also be referred to as ‘Search and Replace’.  This functionality is now available in SwifTest, so if you want to understand how this works in more detail, click here to read the blog.


Update to the SwifTest Dashboard

In addition, we are announcing that changes to the SwifTest dashboard now allow the date range to be customizable.  Previously the graph would display month-by month date ranges only, but selections can now be made using a specific date range to allow greater flexibility for the user.


Example of the new SwifTest Dashboard:


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