What’s new in SwifTest Release 23.2?

On Sep 11, 2023 we announced a new version of SwifTest Release 23.2. This release focuses on performance enhancements and process improvements.

As we roll out these upgrades, let’s take a look at what’s new and improved for the latest release.


Dimension SwifTest

Dimension SwifTest logoSwifTest now has a new-look Dimension Hub, with an enhanced framework that offers performance improvements and a range of brand-new features.

The key upgrades centre around log-in and credential management. After signing in, users will now be able to see the subscription they’re currently signed in to (in the case of multiple subscriptions) in the title bar of the application, as well as on the “Details” tab of the “Projects & Catalogs” node in the tree. In addition, we’ve improved security within the Windows Credential Manager – the application will now validate that the username stored in the credential matches the one on the project or test, so that the test fails if they don’t match.

DWS is pleased to announce a powerful new feature that is available to SwifTest users. You now have the ability to host SwifTest, and your database of DS scripts, in any of the multiple Microsoft Regional Data Centres around the world. This can help you to meet your specific data residency and compliance requirements.

This provides customers with the ability to deploy applications where they are needed and to take advantage of a regional data centre that is deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated low-latency network. Microsoft has more global regions than any other cloud provider, offering an unprecedented level of choice and control. Contact your DWS sales representative for further information.

As part of the latest release, we’ve added the following ease-of-use enhancements:

Execution history

  • An issue relating to execution history has now been fixed, where previously the application failed to select the first action correctly when clicking “Screenshot” and “Save As”.

Deleting multiple actions

  • When right-clicking multiple actions in a test and clicking “Delete”, the application now deletes all the selected actions without users having to manually delete each action.

Regional number handling

  • For a more streamlined process when executing tests on machines with different regional settings, the “Compare” action is now more capable of handling numbers with different regional-setting formats.

Button detection

  • And, on the JDE EnterpriseOne app, the “Click Control, Personalisation or Grid Option” action now correctly detects the “Export” and “Import” buttons above grids on a form.

We’ve also added an upgrade to our Oracle Cloud Applications, which now allow actions to interact with a second or embedded window for optimum usability.


Dimension LoadTest

Dimension LoadTest logoThe biggest improvement to Dimension LoadTest in this release is the new agent pre-execution validation check. As part of this check, the Controller will ensure that all agents in the LoadTest definition are online and ready before starting to execute, making it easier to achieve a successful run by helping to prevent offline or still-busy agents being excluded.

To support your LoadTest setup and planning, we’ve released two brand-new LoadTest guides: Dimension LoadTest Knowledgebase and Dimension LoadTest Virtual Machine Guide. For targeted user support when it comes to getting started, ramping up and troubleshooting, we’ve also added some updates to two of our previous guides, MTRs Dimension LoadTest and How To Run a LoadTest.

All guides are accessible to customers via the Dimension Hub.


Why SwifTest?

For users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps, Dimension SwifTest saves up to 60% of the time spent on functional test execution. It is the easiest way to set up and execute testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers, helping business analysts and super-users take ownership of test automation.

Using unique scanning technology to automate test script generation, test scenarios can be quickly updated and edited. Dimension SwifTest also tracks the status of tests and their results, providing clear reporting, detailed analysis and easy identification of test failures to ensure that testers have all the information they need to correct issues and expedite project sign-off.

Want to find out more about how SwifTest can work for your business? Start your 30-day FREE trial today.

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