WEBINAR: 14 Sept 2023 – a customer perspective on JDE code currency and continuous innovation

Companies running JDE E1 9.2 have choice over what updates to take and when to take them.  Applying updates frequently ensures they can take advantage of the new tools and functionality that Oracle is continually delivering.  In this webinar we outline what steps you need to take to plan, resource and manage your update projects to make sure that you get the most from JDE.

We also profile one JDE customer’s experience of delivering on a code current strategy. We are joined by Kevin Osterhoff, Director of Business Systems Transformation at Wis-Pak, to explain what they are doing to run better, and more frequent update projects.

Join us on Thursday, September 14th at 4pm BST, 11am EST

Duration: 45 min




The Wis-Pak Story

  • Introduction
  • A history of JDE and Wis-Pak
  • Why code current?
  • How to sell it to the business
  • The current situation

A process-driven approach to continuous innovation

  • The process
  • Realizing value
  • Staying in control

How to execute your code current strategy

  • JDE E1 lifecycle support
  • Make retrofitting someone else’s problem
  • Test smart!

We look forward to welcoming members of the JDE community for this engaging 45 minute session. The presentation itself should only last 35 minutes, with time at the end for Q&A.



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