Unlocking predictability with code current-as-a-service

Unpredictability can be the bane of existence for businesses. Large-scale upgrades or code-current projects, particularly within platforms like Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1), can introduce significant disruptions and uncertainties. Users may find themselves grappling with the scope of these projects only after they’ve commenced, leading to budget overruns, operational hiccups, and potential setbacks in productivity.

Enterprises navigating the complexities of JDE E1 have long sought avenues to mitigate such risks and foster a more predictable environment for their software maintenance and upgrades. This has prompted the rise of solutions such as Code Current as a Service (CCaaS), a strategic approach aimed at streamlining software management, reducing complexity, and enhancing overall predictability.

Understanding the Need

To understand the complexities of CCaaS, it’s essential to first grasp why predictability holds such importance in the context of JDE E1.

Ageing system components, legacy versions, and outdated functionalities not only impede organisational agility but also pose security vulnerabilities, exposing businesses to unnecessary risks.

By embracing a code-current stance, enterprises can effectively mitigate these risks, ensuring their systems remain compliant, secure, and primed for optimal performance.

The Evolution of Code-Current as a Service

CCaaS represents a paradigm shift in software maintenance, offering organisations a new level of support and reliability. By outsourcing the management of code-current projects to specialised providers, businesses can unlock a host of benefits, including reduced costs, minimised complexities, and enhanced agility. Unlike traditional upgrade projects, CCaaS operates on a fixed-price model, providing businesses with greater certainty and budget control over a predetermined timeframe. This can be single year or multi-year commitments. Fit for purpose CCaaS solutions will provide up-front cost and timescale certainty ahead of Oracle Update releases.

Embracing Continuous Delivery

At the heart of CCaaS lies the principle of continuous delivery—a software engineering approach that emphasises frequent and incremental updates to applications.

Through regular updates and releases, businesses gain access to bug fixes, new features, and enhanced functionalities without the upheaval typically associated with major upgrade projects.

Introducing Dimension Tempo™

One such CCaaS offering is Dimension Tempo™ (DT), a managed code-current retrofitting service tailored to the unique needs of JDE E1 customers.

Developed by experts in the field, Dimension Tempo:

  • Leverages proprietary tools and methodologies to streamline the retrofitting process, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximum efficiency.
  • Empowers businesses to navigate code-current change events with confidence, all while optimising their returns on investment.
  • Analyses and identifies all the changes made by Oracle to accurately scope the impact on your JDE E1 modified landscape so that there are no surprises when it comes to the testing phases.
  • Provides seamless integration of functional and performance testing into the software management lifecycle.

Solutions like Dimension Focus™, Dimension SwifTest™, and Dimension LoadTest™ empower businesses to analyse, script, and execute testing protocols with efficiency and precision. By leveraging these tools, organisations can ensure the smooth transition of updates and upgrades, minimising risks and maximising outcomes.

The Path Forward with CCaaS

By embracing Code-Current as a Service, businesses can unlock newfound certainty, streamline operations, and drive sustainable growth.

With offerings like Dimension Tempo™ and a comprehensive suite of testing solutions, the path to predictable software maintenance has never been clearer. As the landscape continues to evolve, CCaaS stands poised to redefine the way businesses approach code-current projects.

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