The Value Of Testing In JD Edwards 9.2

According to Oracle, ‘The value of an ERP is heavily dependent on the business/users perceived value of their existing solution’ – April, 2021.

As the majority of JD Edwards E1 customers are now on 9.2, Oracle have continued to deliver a continuous stream of application innovation and functionality in 9.2 that increases the value of JD Edwards.

As a continuous delivery release, the message is clear: adopt 9.2 application enhancements to simplify and transform your business processes, eliminate customizations, provide new user experiences and take advantage of new business opportunities. For example, an Oracle customer on 9.2 announced recently that they managed a faster financial close with JDE 9.2 by simplifying and automating their business processes. Enhanced processes improved the speed of reconciliations to enable end-user driven financial reporting.

The Value of Testing

Before embarking on any update project, you need to think about testing. Testing can often be overlooked as priority is given to the roll-out of the update, without any thought as to the impact it might have on downstream processes. It can also be seen as complex, expensive and time-consuming. Which is exactly why organizations need to understand and prioritize what needs to be tested by undertaking an impact analysis. This will give insight into not only the business impact of the proposed change, but can also be used to inform test planning and management, so you only test what needs to be tested. Mitigating the risk of the impact of the update and reducing the time spent on testing.

The issue of resourcing the testing process also needs to be addressed. Testing can be resource intensive and costly, and you need to be able to set-up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers. Using a tool like Dimension SwifTest allows a business analyst or super-user to take ownership of test automation, without getting involved in any technical scripting, avoiding time-consuming set-up and maintenance. Test scenarios can be quickly and easily updated and edited, unlike traditional record-and-play functionality.

If you are looking to understand how to take advantage of Oracle’s new updates, and don’t know where to start, we are here to help by automating the burden of testing when planning an update.

Want to know more about the value of testing? Download our eBook “10 Ways Test Automation Adds Value To Your Business“.


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