The Value Of Test Automation In The Cloud – Smaller, Faster, Smarter

July 22nd 2021

In today’s business environment, success depends on real-time, intelligent decision-making, based on real-time data from all parts of the organization. The move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps offers code currency, end-to-end data sharing and visibility, while lowering the total cost of ownership.

With Fusion Cloud Applications, Oracle now delivers new updates every quarter. Whether you’re an end-customer or a systems integrator, you have to understand what’s new, what features are delivered enabled, and what features you might want to ‘turn on’. But whether you choose to enable anything or not, our experience tells us that you still need to test.

Regression testing for an update will test for changes that will negatively impact on system performance or user experience. Or if you’ve chosen to turn on a new feature, you need to consider how that feature is going to impact current processes and down-stream procedures.

DWS can help reduce the time and effort associated with functional testing. It is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers, using the expertise of your team.


Learning Objective

In this session, you will hear:

  • How to reduce the time and effort of functional testing.
  • How test managers can view the progress and results of the test, at a project level.
  • How end-to-end processes can be tested and reviewed by combining and automating scripts


Speaker:  Tyler Price, DWS



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