The Future Is Closer Than You Think – What’s Next For Your ERP?

by Rachel Fraser

Even though JD Edwards may have been a reliable ERP solution for your business for many years, you may feel now is the time to consider moving off EnterpriseOne (E1) to either a cloud-based application or an alternative enterprise application.
While we recognize cloud applications can be a good option, we also understand why you might have reservations. Many JDE customers have invested heavily and made significant modifications, enhancements or extensions to E1. If you have made significant investments to your ERP system you will not want move away without ensuring your business requirements will be well catered for by any new system.

Although we at DWS would hate to see you go, as a long-term partner of JD Edwards for more than 20 years, we also understand why some companies are contemplating the move. Cloud solutions offer an updated user experience, leveraging digital technology which can help to streamline operations and transform business processes.

Where To Start?

If your organization is considering moving some or all your users off E1 to Oracle Fusion Cloud applications, or an alternative, it is likely that you are approaching the project with some trepidation. At DWS, we have a wealth of experience of this kind of project, and understand the types of questions you will need to answer as you plan your move which may include:

    • What exactly are my critical business processes, and why?
    • Which of these business processes were not catered for out-of-the-box by standard JDE?
    • How will the new solution accommodate our critical business processes?
    • How will the new solution change the roles of my end-users?
    • How can I minimize business impact and disruption to the business?

The good news is that we can provide valuable insights to help you better answer these questions. This can be especially important if you are using an older or heavily modified version of JD Edwards E1 as every modification represents an important, critical business requirement which needs to be considered when evaluating and planning your next step.

Our specialist team can undertake a detailed audit of your JD Edwards existing code-base. The audit will help you eliminate older, now redundant, modified objects and will provide you with some insight into the nature of the modifications that appear to be important; helping you make more informed decisions about your move whilst mitigating risk. Our software-led service audits, analyses and reports on your existing JDE E1 implementation with exceptional accuracy helping guide and inform your evaluation and, implementation, of a new ERP.

For many organizations, a wholesale move to the cloud is too great a leap to make immediately, so it is good to know that there are a range of hybrid models available to JDE E1 users. You can begin to transition away from JDE whether you are running E1 on premise or in the cloud. And, no matter how you choose to evolve, DWS can help you get the most out of the investments you have made in JDE over the years.

Get in touch with our team today to understand how we can support you in your journey.

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