DWS introduces SwiftStart scripts for SwifTest

When we talk to prospective customers about automating the testing that they do day-to-day, when upgrading, or when running code-current change event projects, many express concerns about the amount of effort required to create all the scripts needed to reflect the way they have implemented and use the JDE EnterpriseOne (JDE E1) software.

Many companies have never thoroughly documented what testing needs to be done to prove that their implementation of JDE E1 works as expected and will support their business. Many more have never prepared outline scripts to help guide the efforts of their testers and most have never prepared detailed step by step scripts. It is these scripts, however, that allow a company to automate their testing.

By design, SwifTest makes detailed step-by-step script building simple and intuitive; SwifTest also makes it very easy to copy and amend scripts.

The ease with which even a non-technical resource can create, copy and amend scripts means that companies are a lot closer to having a full catalogue of detailed scripts than they think.

When we present SwifTest, we always spend a little time talking about a company’s Base Catalogue of scripts and the Projects within which they execute scripts. It is within a Project that you can see what testing has been performed and whether it was successful or not.

It is within the Base Catalogue that we suggest companies create (over time) and maintain (with regularity) all their scripts. By doing this, when any Project is started it is easy to copy from the Base Catalogue to the Project. Project testing is given a head-start by leveraging catalogues of scripts and is likely to be more thorough.

From June 2017, we are including a catalogue of example scripts, what we refer to as SwiftStart scripts, whenever we create a customer’s Dimension SwifTest™ environment within our secure Cloud repository – The Dimension Hub™.

SwiftStart scripts help customers kick-start the creation of their own Base Catalogue. The idea is that customers will copy working scripts from the SwiftStart Catalogue into their own Base Catalogue. Each script they copy to the Base Catalogue can then be edited and made to work for their business processes.

We are excited to be delivering scripts for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order Management and Sales Order Management.

The SwiftStart scripts have been created using demonstration data from Oracle JD Edwards. The General Ledger (GL) scripts are quite sophisticated and provide examples of how the Repository Datastore and Dynamic Datastore can be used.

Many of the GL scripts link nicely and demonstrate how SwifTest can be setup to test end-to-end business processes. The SwiftStart scripts that fall into the wider Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay business process areas are more basic.

Whether you are creating the Base Catalogue of scripts for your company, or setting up a Project for testing, the design of SwifTest and the delivery of SwiftStart scripts make the job of testing even easier.

For more information, visit the SwifTest page of our website.

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