SwifTest 23.1 release

On 14 April 2023 we released a new version of SwifTest – version 23.1. This release focuses on backend and infrastructure improvements.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes we have rolled out:

Take Screenshot

One the more significant user-experience enhancements in this release is to the “Take Screenshot” parameter. Users are able to change the settings to enable or disable the take screenshot functionality.

For each action you add, you can now specify whether you want that action to capture screenshots. You’ll find the new option (called “Take Screenshots”) by expanding the “Action Settings” group on the Create Action screen, or when editing an action.

This functionality doesn’t only relate to the SwifTest platform but the Hub as well. This brings additional value to the product and is definitely a highlight.

We have also given all the actions sensible defaults. Some of them will default to Yes, and some to No, but you can always change that default when creating or editing an action.

Deletion warnings

SwifTest will now warn you if you try to delete a repository datastore that’s used by one or more tests. It will provide a list of all those tests impacted by the proposed deletion, so you can decide whether to proceed.

Specific to Oracle Cloud Applications

When you execute an action that spawns a second browser window, we found that it was not possible to add additional actions to add or execute any actions to that window. We have implemented a fix so that now you will be able to create an action when another window has opened.

In addition, we have rolled out a number of other smaller enhancements and corrections to enable SwifTest to be easier to use and intuitive. See the SwifTest 23.1 full release notes for more details.





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