Lyle Ekdahl on Digital Transformation

These are exciting times for JD Edwards customers all over the World. Please do take the time to read this interview with Lyle Ekdahl, SVP JD Edwards business Unit at Oracle.

Lyle highlights the reasons for the laser-like focus on Digital Transformation for ERP and why it is so important. Lyle also explains why it is so important to develop in-house strategies that facilitate the adoption of a continuous delivery model from Oracle at the 9.2 release level.

Lyle also makes reference to the future and the increased usage of chatbots, augmented reality and artificial intelligence in ERP.

“It doesn’t matter whether you manufacture paint or provide IT consulting services: if you’re in business, you have to go digital—at least according to Lyle Ekdahl, Oracle senior vice president of product development and longtime JD Edwards technology guru.

But can a business race forward and maintain a hard-earned position?

Here, Profit speaks to Ekdahl about the tension between the change that is disrupting business and the demands business leaders are putting on their enterprise systems to deliver more automation and more efficiency at scale.”

Read the Profit Interview in full

We at DWS fully support digital transformation for JD Edwards applications and are well placed to answer any questions you may have.

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