Let’s Meet In The DWS Community Café

by Rachel Fraser

We all create our own community as we go through life. It can become our raison d’être; the deep roots that anchor us in our homes, work and communities.

Do you have a community where you feel at home; your work, your running training group, a book club, whatever works for you, it’s good to feel we belong?

As well as building communities within the office, it can also be extremely helpful to encourage staff to connect to their industry as a whole. This could be through training courses, industry tradeshows or even networking events. As well as having a sense of belonging to your own organization; integrating employees into part of the wider industry allows them to more easily understand where they fit, share similar experiences and network with their peers.

The common link here is communication. It’s a key component of building connections, whether this is in the form of social media posts which share what colleagues have been up to or are working on, a forum for Q&A where work-related questions can be asked, training webinars or tutorials or even social initiatives such as quizzes or wine tasting (even virtual) which encourage teamwork.

Having good communication makes a huge difference and should be a major consideration for any organization focused on building a sense of belonging.

Which is why we wanted to create a DWS community with our own tribe of customers and partners, and why we created the DWS Community Café. 

The Community Café allows our customers to share their experiences in working with our Dimension products and gives them the opportunity to hear other customer’s experiences, successes and challenges.  To help share that experience, we have invited our Dimension solution experts to host the sessions to share tips and tricks, outline useful short cuts and case studies which will help in our customers’ success.  We want to hear from our customers, gain their feedback which will allow us to better understand how our products are being used in a day-to-day setting.

The topics we discuss on our monthly sessions, we hope, will help demonstrate techniques to help you to get your business on the fast track to working smarter.  As the restrictions continue to lift and once face-to-face meeting is allowed once again, we hope to be able to see our customers in-person at a trade-show or Community Café event once again!

If you need a little more reason to attend, attendees will have the opportunity to be entered into our raffle for a Starbucks gift card to have a coffee on us! And I hope to see you there.

Where is your Community or your tribe?  Let me have any suggestions on the blog on our social channels where you feel you belong and why…

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