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Adopting A Code-Current Strategy

We believe that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers need to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to upgrading and then looking after their systems. Adopting a code-current strategy means maintaining your E1 solution at the latest code base level. Given Oracle’s decision to continuously deliver and their commitment to support Release 9.2 until at least 2030, this strategy makes more sense than ever.

A different way of thinking is required

Smaller, more frequent updates have become the new standard for Oracle JD Edwards. For customers, Oracle is enabling digital businesses to make the most of the latest advances, including social collaboration, global revenue recognition, project forecasting and enhanced mobility applications.

Why Code-Current?

Firstly, code-current is about mitigating risk. Older system components are no longer certified or supported and can lead to systems vulnerabilities, exposing your organization to unnecessary risks. Updated system components such as databases, operating systems, Internet browsers, language compilers and enterprise security applications are all addressed in the most recent releases. Code-current also means taking advantage of hundreds of enhancements that have developed for, or in partnership with, current EnterpriseOne customers.

code-current services for JDE E1


Discover more about Dimension Tempo, the powerful yet easy to use load testing tool for JDE E1 applications.

“DWS are very skilled in JDE development work and are very process driven, efficient and flexible in their approach. They have done a very good job delivering the technical work and I’d highly recommend them for JDE upgrade development and technical work without any hesitation.”

Introducing Dimension Tempo™

DWS aims to reduce the cost and complexity associated with running, maintaining and evolving customer implementations of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. For customers interested in staying code-current, we offer a managed code-current retrofitting service that we call Dimension Tempo.

Our Tempo service leverages our Dimension Analyze™ and Dimension Professional™ tools. With Dimension Tempo we agree a cadence (or rhythm) with our customer. We then regularly analyze our customer’s environment and any and all updates available from Oracle. We do this annually, or bi-annually, with a view to making code-current a reality.

A code-current change event project should deliver value and appropriately engage the business. Whilst there is value in solely getting and staying code-current, the ideal project is arguably one that both addresses a business requirement and allows you to get to the latest code base.

No matter what, every project requires preparation, planning, execution and delivery. It is in preparing, planning and executing that you can isolate and outsource the code-current retrofitting. Dimension Tempo is a service that delivers the retrofitting or uplifting of any customer-modified objects impacted by updates made available by Oracle.

Our objectives during each code-current change event project include:

  • Reducing the customers’ modified footprint
  • Removing any functional and technical obstacles that may prevent a company from staying code-current and getting maximum value from JDE E1

Maximize Value From EnterpriseOne

By keeping code-current you are better able to respond to innovation requests made by the business, you benefit from the significant investment that Oracle continues to make, and you become more agile; ultimately achieving a better return on your investment in maintenance.

The pace of change today is accelerating, so it is important to adopt a strategy and implement plans that take advantage of Oracle’s commitment to continuous delivery. It is continuous delivery by Oracle that means you can consign monolithic upgrade projects to history. You can run smaller code-current change event projects, better manage the impact on your users, and concentrate on the realization of business benefits.

If done properly, each time you perform a code-current change event project you will be starting from an improved position, so your project will cost less, and you will benefit from the latest (lowest cost) tools and technologies. This all combines to continually drive down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).






Realizing value through Code-Current-as-a-Service


Making The Most Of Continuous Delivery

By design, Dimension Tempo will help customers committed to JDE E1 get the most from the continuous-delivery regime adopted by Oracle JD Edwards from release 9.2. It provides an opportunity to move customers away from the large infrequent capital expenditure (CAPEX) upgrade projects of days-gone by, to an operating expense (OPEX) based run, maintain, and evolve model. With Dimension Tempo the operating expenses associated with JD Edwards can be smoothed and made more predictable.

Companies interested in moving toward a Code-current as a Service regime, with or without a Systems Integrator, should understand how Dimension Tempo and our Dimension suite of testing products make it possible to run smaller, faster, smarter projects.

See Code-Current In Action

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