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As a Learning and Development professional, I often have the chance to advocate for company solutions that empower individuals to use technology and skills to contribute to an organization’s mission and values. Partnering with DWS Global to create the iLearn DWS Academy has been an opportunity to keep customers engaged, informed, and connected as they learn the technology needed to transform their business.

I’m delighted to be a guest contributor for our extended family at DWS. Let me begin by providing a little background on what the iLearn DWS Academy (The Academy) is, before going into what sets it apart, and what customers will experience upon gaining access to The Academy.

The Academy was created as a centralized hub for all things resource and support-related to DWS customers. It was created with the customer in mind; to make training effortless, and more personalized. Since the introduction of the DWS Dimension suite of software, the development of The Academy was a logical next step. All content is available online and was designed to be visually engaging, with logical learning paths and simple module descriptions. Of course, not everyone learns in the same way, so printable resources are also available for those who like to “see it on the page”.

The Academy is built upon a best-in-class, cloud-based Learning Management System and combines the personalization of instructor-led training with clutter-free, intuitive, 24/7 access to engaging and interactive materials.

The success of any learning platform is influenced heavily by the user experience. So, now that I’ve outlined the basic principles of The Academy, I want to introduce you to an organization that recently used the platform and share a little bit about their experience.

Tanimura & Antle, an American company founded in 1982, grows, ships and packages organic produce. They farm over 40,000 acres, moving their operations four times a year to seasonally grow, manage and harvest their crops. A JD Edwards customer, Tanimura & Antle had recently invested in Dimension Swiftest, the functional test automation software from DWS.

Tanimura & Antle has been using The Academy to learn how to use Dimension SwifTest ahead of a planned migration from World to EnterpriseOne. The Academy’s modern platform and the combination of videos and printable resources offered them a streamlined training experience.

More specifically, The Academy offered trainees a chance to complete courses at their own pace, and to return to content at any time to refresh their memory or to learn a new skill. This contributed to a project with lasting success that went beyond a typical customer onboarding experience. With pre-set learning paths for easy navigation, they were able to sequentially progress through video tutorials and download supportive materials and resources. Simultaneously, they were able to track their individual progress and monitor their achievements. The training curriculum helped to level the playing field for their trainees, so that any individual within their organization could contribute to the successful use of the SwifTest software.

Organizations with access to The Academy will benefit from:

  • Customizations for learners with different roles
  • An app for training anytime, anywhere
  • Intuitive design and search features
  • An assurance that learning content is always available
  • Login analytics and device usage, real-time activity logs and differentiated reporting access by role
  • Course progress tracking so users can jump into learning content right where they left off
  • The ability to rate courses and provide direct learner feedback
  • Access to a personal Learning Advisor


As a member of the iLearnERP team, I can say that we are excited about our new collaboration with DWS Global and the opportunity to provide solutions and services to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

You can find out more about iLearnERP and our personalized adoption solutions, as well as our customizable Learning Management System by going to

Guest Contributor: April Favara, Training Consultant, iLearnERP

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