Ease The Burden of Your SaaS Update With Automated Testing

This event took place on Oct 7, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)

Oracle delivers new updates every quarter to help manage your business with features delivered enabled and immediately available to end users. As this occurs, extra emphasis is placed on the importance of functional/regression testing to minimize the risk of impact on any downstream systems. This is why it is critical that automated testing is built into an organization’s regular cadence of updates.

The right testing solution can help improve all areas of end-to-end testing from test planning and management, test script development and execution, results analysis and defect monitoring. And, believe it or not, “only 45% of organizations believe they have the right testing strategy, process, and methodology in place” (World Quality Report, 2020-21).

If you are struggling to find a solution to your testing problem for Oracle Cloud Applications, view this session to see how you can ease and speed up the burden of functional/regression testing, without involving technical resources. Using a tool that is application aware allows business analysts and super-users to organize, set up, modify and maintain test scripts–saving up to 70% of time spent creating and maintaining test scripts and 60% of time spent in test execution.


Learning Objectives

  • How testing projects for cloud apps can be smaller, faster, and smarter using Dimension SwifTest
  • How test managers can view the progress and results of the test at a project level for full analysis and audit
  • How end-to-end processes can be tested by managing and combining test scripts


Speaker:  Tyler Price, DWS



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