Dimension SwifTest Integration with OpenAPI, Outbound REST calls and JDE E1 Orchestrator

Introducing end-to-end testing for inbound and outbound communications

DWS is announcing that it is significantly enhancing the capabilities of Dimension SwifTest by developing support of an OpenAPI for inbound communications as well as webhooks and actions that perform REST calls for outbound communications.  These platform enhancements are complemented by the addition of specific actions for the calling of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne orchestrations.

These developments will allow our customers testing Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps (OCA) and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1) to easily integrate SwifTest into their Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, and will allow automated tests to be created within SwifTest that encompass processes that may sit outside of the application being tested.

What that means for our customers is that they will be able to use SwifTest in the context of a process that is broader than just a functional or regression test.  For example, as part of a weekly deployment or server restart, key processes can be tested using SwifTest automatically after the deployment has completed, with the results of the execution emailed back to the user. In addition, when a test queue completes either successfully or with errors, SwifTest can call back to an application like JIRA to update an issue using webhooks.

The ability to write tests that encompass processes sitting outside of your OCA or your E1 instance is extremely significant.  Without changing the ease of use that makes SwifTest so user-friendly, we will be removing a key constraint. A user will be able to design, script and execute tests that touch more than one system.

Say you receive a file for supplier payments via a third-party application that your application subsequently processes, and you wish to create automatic testing of the entire process.  The OpenAPI calls to SwifTest might be made from within a third-party application after the file is sent to automatically start the Queue.  These APIs will allow you to perform actions that take advantage of the repository, query the Queues, and invoke a Queue all from ‘outside’ SwifTest.  Values passed back to the calling application from SwifTest will provide information on the success of the Queue’s execution.

For companies that are using SwifTest to test E1, this could be the start of a process that involves a call to an E1 Orchestration, and subject to that Orchestration’s success, calls an external website to return a currency exchange rate for use in a further SwifTest test.  SwifTest’s Orchestrator actions and dynamic external REST actions will allow users to seamlessly perform these tasks, tying multiple business processes (both inside and out of E1) into a singular end-to-end test.


General Availability

These enhancements will be available in August 2021.  Anyone using SwifTest for E1 will be able to call JDE E1 Orchestration using new actions.  “Standard” service tier customers will also be able to make use of the OpenAPI to test both OCA and/or E1.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact your DWS Sales representative.

Coming later this year, DWS will be introducing the availability of dynamic external REST calls which will allow users to combine multiple business processes, both inside and out of JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud Apps, into a singular end-to-end test.

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