Making the most of
Continuous Innovation

for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Maximising value from JDE EnterpriseOne

According to Oracle’s latest figures, around 80% of E1 users have made the move to release 9.2 and are now preparing to embrace the strategy of continuous delivery and adoption. To benefit fully from this strategy, E1 customers need to decide when is the right time for them to implement ESUs and updates.

In addition to the annual Tools Release in November, Oracle JD Edwards has established a regular cadence for the release of new features and functionality. Each new Update contains all of the previous updates and Electronic Software Updates (ESUs), so customers won’t be missing out on features if they don’t implement straightaway. However, to make the most of continuous delivery, customers shouldn’t build too much of a technical debt by delaying for an extended time.

Clarity of vision

Before you tackle an upgrade you need to know the scope of the work ahead of you. DWS is offering a free Dimension Analyze audit, so you can see exactly what’s involved in the technical retrofit elements of your next project.

How does it work? Dimension Analyze compares your modified version of the software with a stock version of the latest release. It provides a forensic analysis of every object to identify what needs retrofitting, what can be retired and what stays the same. The result is so accurate it allows us to provide a fixed price and timescale for the technical retrofitting element of your project.

  • Reduce your modified footprint
  • Eliminate redundant code
  • Accurately scope your project
  • Standardize your software

Making an informed decision about when to take an ESU or Update includes understanding the impact the update will have on the business, plus an accurate view of the time and costs associated with the technical retrofit.

To support customers on 9.2 in their strategy of staying code current, DWS has developed a portfolio of professional services:

  • Code current change event planning
  • Code current technical retrofitting
  • Continuous innovation-as-a-service

By keeping code-current you are better able to respond to innovation requests made by the business, you benefit from the significant investment that Oracle continues to make, and you become more agile; ultimately achieving a better return on your investment in maintenance.

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