Reduce your JDE baggage and upgrade/stay current with confidence

An FOC preliminary Dimension Analyze audit and report could help reduce your modified footprint by up to 86%

For organisations committed to JD Edwards E1, upgrades which involve code retrofits come with the territory. However, rather than an obstacle to overcome, upgrades and code current projects represent an opportunity for change.

Kick-start your next JDE E1 project with a free preliminary audit and report. The initial Dimension Analyze™ report will provide you with an accurate view of your modified footprint, essential if you want to accurately scope and budget any project.


Ready to lose some JDE baggage?

5 reasons why DWS for your next upgrade project

With change comes risk, so it is important you choose the right partner to deliver your next upgrade project. Here are 5 reasons why DWS is the technical retrofit partner of choice for so many JDE E1 customers:



Genuine Oracle JD Edwards specialists, with 25 years’ experience of delivering successful E1 retrofit projects.



A proven history of zero or near zero defect level projects, with an average reduction in modified footprint of 43%.



We have developed a powerful set of proprietary tools, backed by a best-practice methodology, specific to JDE E1 retrofitting.



Whether you just need help with the heavy lifting, or want to outsource the entire retrofit project, we’re here to help.



Trusted by end-users and systems integrators alike, we are also the only JDE test automation provider recommended by Oracle.

Discover why DWS is the upgrade partner of choice for so many JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers.


Zero defects, up to 86% reduction in modified footprint,
fixed timescale and budget.

Upgrade with Dimension Analyze & Dimension Professional

Upgrade JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with unmatched precision and efficiency, combining the strengths of Dimension Analyze and Dimension Professional:

Dimension Analyze logoDimension Analyze is a software-led service that enables customers to audit and estimate their JDE E1 upgrades to a level of accuracy previsouly unseen. The service, leveraging our proprietary tools, was first introduced in 2007. Since then, it has been used by over 250 organisations worldwide and is the leading audit and scoping service in the JD Edwards marketplace.

Dimension Professional logoDimension Professional is a suite of tools that allows DWS to fully manage and fix the proce and timescale of the modofocations uplift component of an EnterpriseOne upgrade project. Utilizing a best-upgrade approach, the Dimension Professional toolkit enables DWS to deliver the lowest defect levels in the industry.

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