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Dimension Analyze from DWS can reduce your modified footprint by up to 75%, reducing the development effort required to upgrade your JDE EnterpriseOne System.

Extract | Audit | Estimate

The preliminary audit is available as a complimentary service and provides a high-level view of your modified footprint, which you can then cross-check against your own understanding of your E1 system. The Dimension Extract can be run by your E1 technical staff and the program identifies where all the modifications are located by interrogating both the Pristine and Production environments; looking for the precise net change. Based on the Extract results, we can then work with you to provide an accurate technical retrofit estimate.

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How does it work?

Dimension Analyze compares your production environment with a pristine environment and the target release to establish the most accurate understanding of your modified footprint. With this understanding we then analyze every object, every line of code and every user setting/specification; down to a pixel movement level of detail. This granular level of analysis enables us to identify decommissioning opportunities across your JDE E1 instance. It helps organizations improve the planning, management and execution of a critical element of their upgrade projects.

“The results of the DWS Dimension Analyze service allow us to fix the price and timescale for a technical retrofit project.”

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