JD Edwards E1 Landscape – Q1 2019

by Pat Neary

Another year has come and gone in the JD Edwards community and the EnterpriseOne installed base has continued its inexorable march towards code-current and the cloud. Or has it? We’ve heard from Oracle about the importance of cloud and the deployment of a continuous adoption model for EnterpriseOne, but what has the uptake been? Have the Oracle team’s predictions proved accurate?

We heard from a lot of committed JD Edwards customers in 2018 about their plans for JDE in the short to medium term, but it’s always useful to gain a broader perspective. The annual Quest Community Survey was published towards the end of 2018 and provides some insight into the state of the JD Edwards landscape.

The survey is comprised of a representative sample of 850 users from across the JDE community, with many respondents coming from mid-level enterprise organizations, (between 1,000 and 10,000 employees) and allows us to identify some key trends.

Take a look at some of the key points we’ve summarized in our JDE E1 Landscape Infographic

JDE EnterpriseOne release 9.2 was first introduced in October 2015. In April of 2017, Oracle announced it would be the last Applications Release, and that the support roadmap for 9.2 would extend to 2028 and beyond (which as of 2018 was extended to 2030 and beyond). Oracle continues to reaffirm its commitment to JDE, a model of continuous delivery, and support of continuous adoption.  They are proactively encouraging users to “get current and stay current”.

In light of this, the research yielded some surprising results:

  • More than half of the JDE E1 installed base are yet to upgrade to 9.2
  • Whilst users recognize the value of new features like Orchestrator and UX One, they have not yet been widely adopted
  • Migrating to the cloud doesn’t appear to be a priority, with 90% of JDE instances remaining on-premise
  • The majority of customers are not yet staying code-current, nor are they continuously adopting or innovating

It seems that many companies in the JDE community could be doing more to take advantage of the investments Oracle continues to make in EnterpriseOne. What does 2019 have in store for you? Is it the year you get current by upgrading to 9.2 or is it the year you stay current by embracing continuous adoption?

Either way, we’d love to know your thoughts. Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below.

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