An Update to our Licensing Model for Dimension SwifTest

Dimension SwifTest’s licensing model is defined by sets of full user licenses, within Service Tiers. Customers with fewer than 5 Full User licenses, are on our Essential Service Tier, and those with 5 or more on our Standard Service Tier.

This change enables customers to choose their level of service and introduces a ‘Lite User’ model to our Standard Service Tier.  Standard Service Tier customers receive 2 x Lite User licenses; providing access to features that weren’t previously available to the Essential Service Tier. These features include:

  • Interoperability functionality (Inbound API, Command Line access)
  • Future interoperability (Outbound API)
  • Option of purchasing DS Lite User

Lite Users who don’t need access to the full functionality of Dimension SwifTest, who are testing as part of a project team, will be able to execute tests that are available – making changes if they are needed.  A Lite User might also be a Quality Assurance Manager, Testing Manager, or Project Manager, wanting to review and monitor the tests being run.

There is currently no Lite User capability within our Dimension Focus, or Dimension LoadTest products. To see the full capabilities in our Essential and Standard Tiers, view our latest datasheet.

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