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Run Smaller, Faster, Smarter Projects

If you’re committed to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1), you will be used to running change event projects all the time. DWS’ products are designed to improve the way you run these projects; making them smaller, faster and smarter.

  • Before you start, you will need to understand the impact of any changes you will be making to the production environment. This will not only inform the project planning, but also the volume and type of resources you will require.
  • Remember, a good project plan always includes plenty of time for testing. Don’t underestimate the amount of time you’ll need for this. In our experience, as much as 65% of the total project effort can be dedicated to testing.
  • Our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne testing products are designed to ease the burden of testing by speeding up the planning and execution of your tests. They have been proven to reduce the amount of time and money spent on testing during a project by up to 85%.
  • Built specifically for JDE E1, our products help you to understand, plan and manage the testing that is required, automate the functional testing, and stress test the technical environments in which you run JDE E1.

All of our software products are available to customers as-a-service (SaaS). For an annual subscription they are accessible from the Dimension Hub™, our private cloud platform. Within the hub, each client is allocated their own secure storage environment, from which they can manage the products, view their data and run reports.

Focus is the first product available to JD Edwards customers that will analyze your entire EnterpriseOne system to identify exactly which objects are impacted by a modification, an electronic software update (ESU) or a bundle of ESUs – down to event level.

SwifTest integrates natively with EnterpriseOne and is used to automate your functional JDE E1 testing. Designed to be used during every single JDE E1 project, it is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers.

LoadTest is a powerful yet easy to use testing tool for JDE E1 applications. It can be installed in minutes, simulates large numbers of virtual users and GUI actions and lets you monitor performance in real-time.

iLearn DWS Academy™

Introducing the iLearn DWS Academy™; the new online training academy for users of DWS Dimension products.

Developed in partnership with iLearnERP, the iLearn DWS Academy™ is exclusively available to customers of DWS and offers a comprehensive range of product training modules for users of our Dimension SwifTest™ and Dimension Focus™ software products.

The online curriculum is designed to enable users to learn at their own pace. The platform features a number of pre-set learning paths, with modules delivered in a recommended order and curated for specific roles.

Alternatively, users can opt for the course option and explore the training modules in any order.

The DWS Academy offers a range of training materials that allows DWS customers to discover content for the first time or brush up on some essential skills at a time and place that suits them.

The course library contains details of all available modules and the intuitive dashboard keeps a track of your learning progress.

These products ease the burden of testing during JDE E1 projects. As you implement, upgrade, stay code-current or maintain JDE E1, Dimension SwifTest allows you to automate your testing.

Companies can commit to automating their testing during any project, big or small, at any time. The beauty of automated testing is that once you commit to it, and start building a catalog of test scripts that reflects your implementation(s) of JDE E1, testing will be easier and more thorough than ever before.

Dimension Focus allows companies to analyze the impact of any change event (e.g. the application of an electronic software update (ESU), the introduction of a modification) and with that insight helps them plan and manage the testing that will be required.

Whether we are talking about a product or a service, DWS is always working with our customers to bring an added Dimension and to help them get the most out of their investment in JDE E1.

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