Smarter JD Edwards E1 Testing

Why do we test?

Quite simply, to eliminate risk. Testing ensures systems operate in the way they were intended to; that they deliver consistent results across multiple users, multiple devices and multiple operating systems.

How can we test smarter?

The trouble with testing is that it can be time consuming and repetitive. Testing can account for up to half the overall project effort, which can act as a barrier to change.

To test smarter, you need a forensic level of insight; to understand exactly what needs testing. Once you know this, you can save time and effort by not testing things that don't need testing.

Why use DWS for testing?

Test planning and automation solutions from DWS make every project smaller, faster and smarter. Your change event projects take less time and require less resource to action while benefiting from more thorough project testing which is: easily repeatable, reliable and cost effective.

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