Pinal County, Arizona to use DWS’s Dimension SwifTest™ and Dimension Focus™

Pinal County, Arizona, USA has selected DWS’s Dimension SwifTest and Dimension Focus products to help them reduce the burden of testing associated with their management of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Pinal County is a farming led community located in the centre of Arizona, USA. With a small team running and maintaining their implementation of their Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, they historically have found it difficult to dedicate the time and energy required to do a first class job of testing.  They test whenever they introduce new functionality or change existing functionality – testing manually takes a lot of time and is highly repetitive.  As a result, they were delighted to learn about the products from DWS that reduce the burden of testing.

Dimension SwifTest will allow Pinal County to create scripts that will be used to automatically test different scenarios, whenever they make changes.  They have plans to implement new functionality during 2017 and anticipate implementing some Electronic Software Updates (ESUs).

Dimension Focus will help them understand the impact of any ESU or modification on their environment. This forensic understanding will enable Pinal County to better plan and manage exactly what testing is required.

Together SwifTest and Focus will dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost of every project.  In time, this will help Pinal County get code-current and stay code-current.

DWS is confident that any company committed to JDE E1 will benefit from using its testing products.  For more information on the products please call DWS on +44 (0) 1494 896600

“Pinal County were looking for a partner who could provide products that would be straight forward to implement, that would be easy to use, and that would help them reduce the time, effort and cost of testing JD Edwards Enterprise One” said Barry Burke, CEO of DWS.  “This is exactly why we developed our products Dimension SwifTest™ and Dimension Focus™ and it is great to see organisations like Pinal County recognising their value and putting them to use.”

About DWS

Since 1998, DWS has been providing specialist software development and CNC expertise to companies who want to customise, upgrade and support their JDE E1 systems.
Our award winning Dimension Analyze™ service and associated development and technical services have helped customers around the globe get the most they can from E1 and to reduce their cost of owning E1.

Through our Dimension Hub™ we make our knowledge, experience and analytic capabilities readily accessible to our customers, helping them to test and to stay up to date with the software made available by Oracle JD Edwards.

DWS is an Oracle Gold partner and a JD Edwards Certified Specialist.  DWS has built an enviable reputation as development and technical experts in JDE E1.

About Pinal County

Pinal County covers 5,386 square miles of south central Arizona. It is located between Maricopa and Pima counties, approximately 50 miles from downtown Phoenix, and downtown Tucson.  Pinal County’s population in 2016 was estimated at 406,000.

The economy of the County is largely based on agriculture and copper mining, with farming predominating in the western half of the County, and mining in the eastern half. Industrial and service jobs are being created in the population centres of Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy, and Apache Junction. Pinal County has a five-member Board of Supervisors with a Board-Manager form of government.



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