DWS launches Dimension LoadTest for JDE EnterpriseOne


Three years ago, DWS revolutionised functional testing for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with the introduction of its proprietary test automation software Dimension SwifTest™. Now, with the launch of Dimension LoadTest™, it is bringing its expertise to bear in the field of stress and performance testing.

Dimension LoadTest is an innovative load testing software solution, design specifically for users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It enables any experienced Systems Administrator or CNC to define, run and monitor simulated load; to effectively stress test your JDE EnterpriseOne systems.

“Why do we test?” asks DWS Managing Director Barry Burke. “To mitigate risk, to ensure a predictable outcome and to understand the limitations of our systems. Why don’t we automate our testing? Because it’s seen as complex, expensive and time-consuming. With Dimension LoadTest we are changing the game in terms of load testing for JDE EnterpriseOne.”

The old-fashioned way to stress your systems would frequently involve putting a lot of users in a room, ordering in some pizza and seeing how long it would take for something to break. The trouble with this approach is that it is difficult to manage and requires a huge investment of time from the wider team.

Manually stressing the system involves a lot of uncontrolled variables, each load test re-run is different to the ones that went before and doesn’t provide a forensic level of analysis. What’s more, it’s difficult to effectively scale the simulated load and record the results for future benchmarking.

Most automated load testing tools are not designed specifically for JDE EnterpriseOne and lack the flexibility to quickly define representative peak loads. Scripting tools are notoriously complicated, and many pricing models seem almost punitive.

This is where Dimension LoadTest comes in; it is native to JDE EnterpriseOne and easy to setup and use. Learning the ropes couldn’t be easier, with self-paced training modules available online from the iLearn DWS Academy™.

Dimension LoadTest features sophisticated scripting functionality that is simple at the point of use. It leverages soft-coded scripts via a Repository Data Store and eschews dated, record and play functionality in favour of more agile, action-based workflows.

Simulating and executing load is quick and easy. Agents can be spun up and monitored via the intuitive user interface and status updates are available throughout execution for analysis and interpretation.

Dimension LoadTest JDE E1 Execution History Image

Dimension LoadTest introduces new standards of accuracy, repeatability and predictability. It occupies a small footprint and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Flexible SaaS-based pricing means costs are predictable and it is also available from the Cloud, allowing users to load test from anywhere.

The net result is less time, effort and resource required; effectively taking the stress out of stress testing your systems.

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DWS is a leading provider of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software services and products.

Since 1998, we have been providing development and technical services to organizations looking to customize, integrate, extend, upgrade or support implementations of EnterpriseOne. We also sell EnterpriseOne testing products that leverage our deep domain expertise and help customers run smaller, faster and smarter projects.

DWS serves a global client base using proven methodologies and proprietary DWS Dimension™ tools. Our best-practice approach and eye for detail help us deliver products and services that save time and money and continually drive down your TCO for JD Edwards.

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