As we are all settled into 2016 and looking at our plans for the year, including upgrades and new solutions, it is interesting to see Oracle looking at not this year but the next 12 years and their long term development road map. Particularly interesting are the plans for JD Edwards with a commitment to continue upgrades till at least 2024*, which means JD Edwards will be supported by Oracle till at least 2032.

The implications for your business are significant, not least that you have certainty for the next 16 years in terms of your core systems structure, allowing you to plan your business solutions strategy effectively.
For us, it provides a level of certainty in one area of our business which means we can continue to invest in new products and improving the level of support we can deliver, ultimately continuing to deliver reduced costs and improved efficiencies for our clients.
In a world where too many organisations focus on short term objectives and returns, it is good to see some of the largest organisations in the world focusing on long term strategies.
*The Oracle roadmap is subject to change without notice. It is intended to be for information purposes only and cannot be included in any contract.

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