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What JD Edwards customers need to know about Oracle Cloud Applications

Earlier this year, Gartner published a report entitled “What Oracle ERP customers need to know about Oracle Cloud Applications”. It makes an interesting read...

Uncovering The Hidden Benefits of SwifTest

Uncovering the Hidden Benefits of SwifTest A simple request for a Post-It note in the office last week led to an interesting discussion. The Post-It is […]

Can’t wait? Don’t wait!

Can’t wait? Don’t wait! It’s been over 2 ½ years since Oracle introduced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2. By April 2017 around 25% of the JD […]

How ESU’s close the gap to your upgrade

How can adopting a code-current strategy to deploy Oracle ESU’s allow you to reduce the technical retrofitting challenges and close the gap to your next upgrade.

Oracle ESU; friend, not foe

How can we as JDE users make peace with the recurring unwillingness to apply Oracle ESUs to our systems and transform this into a business asset.

Leaving Las Vegas!

Collaborate remains a “must attend” event for DWS and 2018 didn’t disappoint. Our 10th show offered up some key JDE developments for the year ahead and beyond.

DWS customer speaker sessions at Collaborate 18

Collaborate 18, the annual Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community, is just around the corner. What will you take away from this year’s event?

How to lighten the load of Load Testing

The failure of customer-facing systems can be an embarrassing/costly experience; mitigating this risk while deploying the right solutions can only lighten the load.

Celebrating 20 years of innovation in action

The enthusiasm of youth is a great thing. In 1998, my partners and I made a bold decision to set up Developing World Systems Limited (DWS). At the time, we had no idea of what lay ahead of us.

Taking the guesswork out of upgrade planning

Just how big is your modified footprint? It’s a question we all ask and accurately identifying what you have and what you need is the age-old challenge for effective upgrade planning.

Why your modified footprint is too big

We’ve all heard the cry “No modifications!” from various Project and IT Managers. There’s no denying having a vanilla system is a great place to be …. until the first modification is required.

Test Automation Adds Value to the OUC

In January 2018, the Orlando Utilities Commission revealed to a Quest JDE E1 Special Interest Group how DWS Dimension SwifTest™ is changing the way they approach JDE E1 testing.

Dimension SwifTest™ release v1.1.5.0 is now available

The bigger the change event project, the more testing is required. Explore how the latest version of SwifTest will help identify and eliminate process errors ahead of production.

Avoid Groundhog Day for JDE EnterpriseOne testing

It’s Groundhog Day this Friday. For some analysts, that's exactly how they feel when they are required to test the same workflows and scenarios over and over again.

To patch or not to patch; that is the question

Some E1 customer sites may not be aware that Oracle releases security advisories for E1 and that there are important security patches available for Oracle products.

JD Edwards Mobile Apps: 5 years on

Just before the JDE17 conference I wrote a blog about some interesting elements of JDE Mobile Apps.

Lyle Ekdahl on Digital Transformation

Lyle Ekdahl talks Digital Transformation These are exciting times for JD Edwards customers all over the World. Please do take the time to read this interview […]

Christmas comes early for JD Edwards users

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you will have heard about Digital Transformation and how it is transforming the workplace
JDE Mobile Apps

Tools Release 9.2.2 offers boost to JDE Mobile Apps

Although not a major feature it certainly piqued my interest, because of a mobile application I recently developed for a client.

DWS Achieves Oracle IaaS Specialization

DWS is pleased to announce that we have added the Oracle Infrastructure-as-a-Service Specialization to our growing list of credentials.

Automation is not just about test results

I was chatting with a customer last week about how she was using test automation to reduce the time and effort involved in functional testing.

Continuous Delivery – the future for JD Edwards E1

I have been a part of the thriving JD Edwards global community for over 25 years. In that time, I have witnessed wholesale changes.

Building a Business Case for Test Automation

Are you part of an IT department or test team interested in implementing test automation for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne?

Oracle Unveils New Cloud Pricing Scheme

In a recent article on Blair Hanley Frank takes a look at what is described as Oracle's Latest Jab at AWS.

10 ways Test Automation adds value to your business

Whilst it’s true to say that all testing can be carried out manually; it takes time to plan, build, execute, evaluate and document every test.

Test Automation. Is it right for you?

When it comes to assessing the efficiency of JDE E1 test planning and execution, organisations should adopt a pragmatic approach.

Test Automation. What’s it all about?

Research reveals that, for the ERP community, testing can account for up to 70% of the time and effort spent on any significant change project.

DWS introduces SwiftStart scripts for SwifTest

From June 2017, we're including a catalog of example scripts whenever we create a new customer Dimension SwifTest™ environment.

Oracle extends support for JDE E1 9.2 to 2028

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless, what happens is a significant announcement by Oracle at Collaborate 2017.

Better, faster, smaller…more! Oracle JDE E1 projects.

In this post we explain how you can run more Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne projects and why you should aspire to do so.

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