Following the recent UK user conference (JDE16) it became apparent that there are still a number of questions that need to be answered when it comes to JDE E1 upgrade testing. Testing is often one of the most significant elements of an upgrade, so how come there are so many different options, most of which will have a major impact in terms of time and costs.

We have spent many hours discussing this with clients over the years and at JDE16, we had the opportunity to see what many of our contacts, both clients and partners alike, thought. The outcome was even more questions that needed answering. We have come across these questions for a number of years and recently published a white paper that explores the different options available. The aim being to help you explore all the testing options before you being your upgrade.

Why test?

With most organisations looking to maximise the efficiency of their infrastructure, it is essential that all systems are kept up-to-date. This helps to ensure that costs are managed and the time required to implement upgrades is kept to a minimum.

However, it is not just implementing the upgrade that has to be considered. One of the largest resource drains is in the testing of any upgrade or modification undertaken. Thorough testing can be, by necessity, a lengthy process; as the impact of “poor” testing could be felt throughout the organization.

Best practice for testing is not as simple as copying what other successful organisations do, because every organization is different. Requirements will vary widely, as will the impact on testing staff. It is, therefore, important that the right testing options are selected for your organization.

What are the options?

Over the years, we have explored most testing options and conducted research among JD Edwards customers. We wanted to find out why so many shied away from the testing solutions that were available to them and to learn what functionality would really be of greatest help to them. This resulted in DWS ultimately developing our own methodology to address customer concerns and needs.

In looking into the different options, we have explored the pros and cons of each option and have compiled the findings in a white paper, which is now available to Download from our Resource Library.


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