Dimension SwifTest v1.1.5.0

Dimension SwifTest™ v1.1.5.0

Introducing the next generation of DWS Dimension SwifTest™ for JDE EnterpriseOne test automation

Dimension SwifTest™ release is available from February 12, 2018. Outlined below are details of the new features, and improvements to existing functionality, contained in this release.

Please Note: Upon release of v1.1.5.0, the PodHQ and Pods will be automatically updated the next time they are launched. No additional actions are required by users.

Why Dimension SwifTest™?

Dimension SwifTest™ was born out of the desire to reduce the time and effort associated with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne functional testing.  Designed specifically for JDE E1, Dimension SwifTest™ is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers. Business Analysts and Super-Users can now build their own test scripts and scenarios quickly and easily using Dimension SwifTest.

New to Dimension SwifTest™?

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You can also find out more by downloading the SwifTest™ datasheet.

What's New?


Extensive functionality has been added to Dimension SwifTest™ in respect of repeat test actions. The repeat feature allows tests to cycle through repository datastore rows; enabling tests to be driven by soft-coded data rather than hard-coded actions.

Feedback from users indicated this functionality would create significant time savings, both in the creation and maintenance of longer, more complex test scripts. Ultimately, this will lead to smaller, more concise tests.

  • A new ‘Repeat’ action has been created. This will allow users to specify the actions that should be repeated and the number of times they should be repeated.
  • All actions that reference a ‘grid row id’ have been changed to also allow a datastore value. This means we no longer need to hard-code the grid row when creating SwifTest™ actions.
  • New ‘Increment datastore value’ action – This action could be used to increment the row number to be added to the grid, or to increment the line number to be read from the repository datastore. Currently this only works with numeric datastore items, in a future release this will be expanded to include more complex data types e.g. dates and times.

Dimension SwifTest v1.1.5.0


Datastore Enhancements

These new functions are only applicable to the runtime datastore items. The runtime datastore is used to collect data from E1 during the execution of a test, this data can then be used in a later stage of the test’s execution, or by other tests in the same scenario. Future releases of Dimension SwifTest™ will build this functionality out for the repository datastore.

  • New ‘Manually set value’ action – This action will be used to, at design time, manually set the value of a new or existing runtime datastore item. This could be used to hard-code a literal once, then use that literal multiple times throughout the test or scenario, or it could be used to specify the number of repository datastore records that should be read.
  • The existing ‘Store from value’ and ‘Store grid value’ actions have been enhanced so that existing runtime datastore items can be updated, as well as new items created.

In addition, release v1.5.5.0 introduces support for pure custom E1 pages, features speed enhancements across the application and refresh buttons for tests, queues, datastore & scheduler.

For a full list of new features and updates, download the Release Notes


If you have any issues with the automatic update process, please uninstall the application from the Windows control panel and download the latest version of SwifTest, the PodHQ or Pod from: https://www.dwsdimension.com/Download

Please log any issues through the Hub support page or directly via email help@dws.on.spiceworks.com

The Minimum technical requirements for SwifTest remain unchanged and can be found here: https://www.dwsdimension.com/Download

To find out more information about the latest functionality Dimension SwifTest™ has to offer, contact us now or click here for more information.

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