Christmas comes early for JD Edwards users

by Barry Burke

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you will have heard about Digital Transformation and how it is transforming the workplace and your personal life.

The JD Edwards development team in Denver has been busy with their own contribution to this! Lyle Ekdahl, SVP and General Manage Oracle JD Edwards Business Unit paid a visit to the JDE17 conference here in the UK very recently and laid out the vision and roadmap for JD Edwards applications to an eager audience.


JDE update 2 for the 9.2 release a.k.a. 9.2.2

Lyle spoke specifically about the recent announcement (October 13 2017 ) and release of Update 2 for the 9.2 release a.k.a. 9.2.2. The JD Edwards development team has been building out new functionality for many years now that enables JD Edwards customers to digitise many aspects of their day to day business processes. Many of these enhancements are customer driven via direct feedback to the development team and various customer advisory boards.

Some of the functional highlights include Mobile Time Entry for employees, Basket Pricing for Procurement, Joint Venture Management, Mobile Inventory Transfer & Cycle Count and significant changes in the Manufacturing Process Execution and Grower/Blend Management modules too.


Other Enhancements

There are many other functional enhancements included in Update 2 that warrant closer inspection. There are a myriad of other enhancements at the technology layer too via Tools Release 9.2.2. The Denver team has delivered on its promise to further simplify administration of the JD Edwards system and reduce the need for developer intervention on simpler customization tasks.

The JD Edwards ‘citizen developer’ can adopt new UX One Analytic Components. UX One Analytic Components provide real-time, transactional information to JD Edwards end users. Users are able to visually analyze current business conditions and more easily identify problems that need attention. Navigation from the Analytic Components allows users to quickly take action.



Lyle spoke to some major enhancements to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator. The Orchestrator is now part of Tech Foundation and customers that upgrade to 9.2.2 will get access to this for free. The Orchestrator can ultimately be used by experienced business analysts within your team to set up schedules to continuously monitor conditions such as inventory levels, customer credit limits, equipment meter readings and much more.

Custom rules can be set up that are specific to your own system. This means that there is less developer intervention required and more power given to the business analyst and as a result, these changes are also upgrade-proof.

DWS had the opportunity to speak with many JDE customers at the event and the general feedback was very positive regarding JD Edwards future roadmap and new functionality. In fact, lots of customers referred to the fact that these new enhancements make their upgrade business case that bit easier!


Continuous Delivery

DWS also held a session on Continuous Delivery and what it means for the 9.2 customer. We had a very good attendance in the room and received excellent feedback forms. We would be happy to walk any customer through this session content to see what this means for you and your organisation.

If any of the above features or functionality interests you or you would like to find out more, then please do not hesitate in contacting DWS.