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Functional/regression/stress testing is highly repetitive and is an excellent candidate to be improved by technology and even automation.
Testing for Oracle Cloud Applications

Testing what’s new with Oracle Cloud Applications

With enterprise application software it’s not prudent to simply trust without testing. If you’ve chosen to turn on a new feature, you need to test.
JDE E1 Evolve & Innovate: Your Strategy and Plans for Developing a Code-Current Strategy

Dimension SwifTest for Oracle Cloud Applications

DWS is delighted to announce the introduction of Dimension SwifTest™ for Oracle Cloud Applications.
Code-current as a Service; What and Why?

Code-current as a Service; What and Why?

Explore what “Code-current as a Service” means and how it can be used within the community to better serve customers and help build stronger partnerships.
Cloud SaaS

What you REALLY get when buying cloud-based SaaS

Patrick Neary reflects on key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld London 2020 and considers what users really get when they buy cloud-based SaaS today.
Performance Testing, A Necessary Evil Blog

Performance Testing, a necessary evil

Whether it's due to upgrades or software updates, performance testing is critical for users to understand and mitigate the impact of change event projects.
RPA for JDE. Are we there yet?

RPA and AI for JDE E1 testing. Are we there yet?

Are Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven project testing solutions the best option for your organization? Patrick Neary explores the pros and cons.
Have you gotten with the program?

Have you gotten with the program?

Patrick Neary moves beyond the intentions of JDE E1 users having a strategy to get current and stay current. Asking what you are doing to implement it!
Reflections on INFOCUS 2019

Reflections on INFOCUS 2019

Patrick Neary reviews INFOCUS 2019, reflecting on key themes and takeaways from the event as well as discussing the evolving JD Edwards E1 environment.
Innovation and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Innovation and JDE EnterpriseOne

Patrick Neary explores the latest innovation in ERP and how these developments in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can help solve your business challenges.
DWS Going Places With JD Edwards

DWS is going places with JD Edwards

Patrick Neary looks forward to an exciting few months ahead, discussing the latest innovations, key insights and expectations from the JD Edwards community.
Oracle announce JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 3

JD Edwards E1 Landscape – Q1 2019

Patrick Neary examines the results of the recent Quest Community JDE E1 Survey, exploring the status of the JDE E1 Landscape and the outlook for 2019.
European Oracle JDE E1 User Groups Roundup

European Oracle JDE E1 User Groups Roundup

Patrick Neary reflects on the recent series of regional Oracle user group events attended as well as key topics and trends facing JDE E1 users today.
Test your JDE E1 implementation, not the application

Test your JDE E1 implementation, not the app

Patrick Neary explores the importance of testing your enterprise JDE E1 implementation, not just the application as well as how to own this process.
Agnostic JDE E1 Support Blog

Does where you host your JDE E1 make a difference?

Patrick Neary examines the impact of "the cloud" on your JDE E1 system and the role of agnostic JDE E1 support as you plan/implement your migration path to the cloud.
Your modernized JD Edwards practices

Your modernized JD Edwards E1 practices

Patrick Neary explores key takeaways on the modernized JD Edwards practices promoted at the recent INFOCUS 2018 and JDE Partner Summit in Denver, Colorado.
iLearn online training platform

DWS announce new iLearn DWS Academy™

Working in partnership with iLearn ERP, DWS has launched a new online training platform for users of DWS Dimension products. Welcome to the iLearn DWS Academy.
upgrade planning services

Taking the guesswork out of upgrade planning

Just how big is your modified footprint? It’s a question we all ask and accurately identifying what you have and what you need is the age-old challenge for effective upgrade planning.

Test Automation Adds Value to the OUC

In January 2018, the Orlando Utilities Commission revealed to a Quest JDE E1 Special Interest Group how DWS Dimension SwifTest™ is changing the way they approach JDE E1 testing.

Automation is not just about test results

I was chatting with a customer last week about how she was using test automation to reduce the time and effort involved in functional testing.

DWS introduces SwiftStart scripts for SwifTest

From June 2017, we're including a catalog of example scripts whenever we create a new customer Dimension SwifTest™ environment.

Better, faster, smaller…more! Oracle JDE E1 projects.

In this post we explain how you can run more Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne projects and why you should aspire to do so.

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